Tuesday, December 20, 2005

evil-lyn's birthday dinner

went for evil-lyn's birthday dinner yesterday (or was it two day's ago?i forgot.) together with Yinxie, Stef, Wen and Jun Xiang. Bought her a cake that she could hardly cut.hehe.It was to hard; she had to use both hands to cut it.Started a new tradition within our group, the typical remove-candle-with-mouth tradition.Dinner was ok i guess, tortilla chips with cheese, fish and chips and a chicken something at chilli's in 1U.Everything went fine......until paying time.

Since I went and bought the cake, I thought "Iyer, I may as well pay for dinner first, then everyone pay me one shot instead."Seemed like a good idea then but boy, was I wrong.

First, Yinxie asked how much was the cake, so I showed her the reciept (birthday girl was seated at my left). Then suddenly : "So that's six seven bucks each la right?" Right IN FRONT of the birthday girl!! How blur can someone get??*whacks forehead*

Secondly, at the end of the meal, the bill came.Since Jun Xiang was the only guy, the waiter did what was right and gave him the bill book.Guess what he did. He passed it to Evelyn.Yup, the birthday girl.Wtf?? Luckily I wasn't bluring then so I snatched it away before Eve could even get her hands on it.

Thirdly, Jun Xiang won't even pay up for his share. His RM11 won't even cover half of everything, and he dare look like he paid for all of us. B*****d. His reason? "I hardly ate anything~~" Yea right, even though he did only join us halfway through the meal, but he took HUGE portions~!! I believe he even ate more than me or Wen.

After dinner, Stef, Jun Xiang and Yinxie went for a movie so Wen and I went shopping.Didn't buy anything for myself though, just Sheen's belated birthday present. 1U has nothing cheap worth buying (yea, I can be such a miser..hehe). Met up with Stef when we were about to go home (Gentleman Jun Xiang ditched her), bought Sheen's prezzie, and went home.

Anyone know a good place to buy nice casual handbags?No clutches, please..And shades?And lipgloss??Suggestions anyone??Oh, and a guy's slingbag that isn't half Tysern's size?


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