Saturday, December 31, 2005

F*** IT!!!!

F*** IT!!!!

I am never EVER going with my mom to get a haircut in my ENTIRE life!!!!
She wanted me to get a haircut, fine, I'll get one o the condition that I get to choose the cut and length but the moment we reached the saloon, before I could even utter a single word, she said to the hairdresser: "Straight cut, at least 4 inches." WTF?!?!?!? She didn't even tell me about it and I couldn't make a scene in the saloon and besides, since she's paying, the hairdresser listens to her.

The reason I went for a haircut in SG a year ago was to get a new hairstyle that'll suit me better instead of the ugliest cut ever, the straight-as-chopsticks cut. I came out of that saloon LOVING, simply LOVING my hew hair and now, my mom destroyed it. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm ugly enough to begin with la, now she makes it worse. And when I told her i HATED the cut, she said I'm WIERD. WTH??!!? IT'S MY HAIR! I'M THE ONE THAT HAS TO LIVE WITH IT!!

Oh God Buddha...and I'm going up to Genting tmrw!!!

note: you can say, "oh well, hair will grow back wat" but my hair is the only thing that I find appealing so if you are gonna post a comment that goes on the line of "suck it up, it's only hair", I have only one reply for that: "SHUT THE F**K UP"


At 31 December, 2005 21:38 , Blogger wen said...

ehe..sry gurl..din read tat yet.

make a voodoo doll.

poke it full of needles.

btw, i'm not saying who should be the target of ure voodoo doll ^.^

At 03 January, 2006 21:43 , Blogger sherry said...

aiyo kesian la. i've been victim of bad haircuts for as long as i can remember too.

the last time my mum cut my fringe, it was SO BLOODY short and i looked, well, terrible. had to go to school and face my (then) crush some more, haha. but at that time i was damn mad.

lets hope ur hair grows reaalllly fast, k? *pats*


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