Friday, December 16, 2005

A Famosa Resort trip

Happy birthday Evelyn~!!!!!!!!!!old lady edi lor~!!!!

hehe..back to business...

I went to the A'Famosa Resort in Melacca recently for a family holiday.It may sound lame,but it was quite nice.The whole area was very big so don't go there unless someone's driving.
Had a picnic/lunch at their car park(no outside food)before entering the safari..alot of animals there,tho some of them looks really uncared for..i saw a bag of bones skinny antelope and a couple of gun-shot wounded camels there..this is one of them:

note:camels do NOT eat hard boiled eggs.

they had alot of koi fish there too, either starving or they just forgot that they've eaten.This happened when threw one,yes ONE(1) fish food pellet into the pond:

food?food! I see food!! Go away!It's mine!!!!*chomp*

Went into the prostitute chicken house after tempting the fish.I didn't know that there were THAT many types of chickens,all I know is that one can steam,fry or BBQ them..hehe..there were very cute chicks there too,all furry and really yellow..the sound of them going *chirp chirp*was very relaxing ut the smell of their poo was dis-gus-ting!

nope,no poo on my hand after that..hehe

took some animal rides later at rm4 per ride per person..poor camel and elephant,they had 2 carry heavy me..

camel="ooi! get off la! heavy like heck la u!" me= "..."

We went to watch some shows too later in the day.The Wild Wild Wet West show was funny,just that their acoustics were so bad that no one could understand what they said half the time..not bad for a Malaysian resort tho,they even used fake blood.There was also a Bird show and a Multi Animal Show.At the Bird Show,they sure raked in a whole lot of cash by getting the audience to put out RM10 notes to get the birds to fly to them.Not much to say about the Multi Animal show,kinda boring..except for this

Gibbons are very furry.

and this

my sister's fav animal.the albino burmese phyton.

and this

my mom's worst nightmare:cicak!! hehe

After dinner,we went to the Cowpersonboy Town.The first event was the Indian fire dance thingy.It was kinda just like glowsticking but with fire instead of glowsticks, until the fire eating/breathing thing started.CHUNTED~!!

dragon impersonation

glowstick fireball performance?

there was a procession also after that show,followed by a very nice fireworks display..

no,the horse isn't's just the lighting.

half naked men~!!eheheheheh..

jungle person

ehhh..modern stagecoach??

big miao miao*roar*


this one looks like some sort of cactus..hehe

went for a 4D movie after all that.don't think it was worth the rm15 for the tickets tho,maybe if the other viewers weren't so loud..oh well,not my cash..hehe.
Went back to the bungalow to sleep though i wanted to play a trampolin/bungee cord game thingy.When I finally woke up, my cousins were in the pool..

synchronize swimmer to be??hehe

went home and stopped my a durian stall on the way back..expensive-nye~~!!more than rm100 for 1 durian meal man~!!


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