Saturday, December 24, 2005

I can get so blur at times

I can't sleep so Ill blog bout yesterday's stuff now la...

Woke up early 2 mop the entire house (/me proud) then went out for a movie with Feilicia and her bro, Colin.Crazy-ness today.Both movie theaters were jammed packed, even though we wanted to watch Narnia (which is kind of old now), we still couldn't get the tickets in EITHER theaters so we settled for The Promise at GSC. When we gave our tickets to the ticket-collector-guy-dude, he has a wierd expression on and the following conversation started:

me : ticket guy looked like he's all "whoa, these three going to watch NARNIA man~~~"

fi : *pause with a puzzled look* huh? but we're watching the promise....

me : *blink blink*oh yar hor....

both : *burst out laughing REALLY loudly*

haha.that shows just how blur I can get...and I was the one who bought the tickets somore....*doinks*

The movie was quite nice actually.I'm not in the mood to do a whole synopsis and stuff so here la...

+ wierd but nice costumes
+kinda teruking CG effects
+nice kungfu chicken moces...kinda like the matrix but chinese style.
+more of an artsy-fartsy movie than an action/romance movie.
+loads of impossible stuff, typical of kung fu movies la (guy flying around, guy killing 100 soldiers with one breath, that kinda stuff)
+overall, nice show, should watch if not much choices are left.

After the show, Fi and Her Bro walked me to Shogun where I'm supposed to have dinner with F u Ken Hui(sorry, I JUST hafta do that..hehe),Ty,mae,rach and wen..VERY good food...I love their unagi aka eel but it's kinda pricy for a student's budget tho (sligtly less than RM50 per head for buffet dinner).Had a fun time with everyone and when I say time, I mean a very,very LONG time...the table beside us got cleared three (yea,THREE) times before we left.No pics of food tho, we were too busy eating it...hehe.

pic taken BEFORE meal hence the clean table.

the girls outside shogun

wen wanted to show the food.

rach escaped to the washroom.

notice the pink thingy?We got so excited over it becouse of Naruto..hehe

group pic

After dinner, we went to Vincci's to look for shades.Yea!!I'm not alone in wanting a pair of cheap shades just to look yau yeng in for the Genting trip...Rach oso like me~!!ehehe...finally bought a pair for only RM 19.90 but I'll prolly get a better pair the next time I visit my optometrist.

Then, we went to the sticker-picture-booths-shop-thingy since I've never done it before and we wanted to be major posers..hehe.I'll post the pics we took as soon as Ty scans and passes it around...


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