Monday, December 05, 2005

Life is Unfair

Why must things always go her way?Just becouse I don't like her style, she gets angry at me and says that I do not have any fashion sense.Just becouse i hated the dresses she chose for me she says I'm picky.Just becouse I bought the dress that I love but she hates she gives me the silent treatment.Sometimes I feel that it's better she's not talking to me, at least then I can get a break form her nagging and scolding me, forcing me to do things her way, even when in has nothing to do with her.It's MY money,not like she ever gave me my allowance before.It's MY life.She may have given it to me,but that's the thing,she had already GIVEN it to me.How can she take it back?At times, i really wish I lived away from her;just me and my siblings.Yeah,they can be a big pain in the @$$ sometimes but at least they understand the things I go through, at least they are fair in the decisions that really matter to me,at least they know what Iwould have had to go through if we still lived with her and they would protect me from it.Live is unfair,so live with it.I repeat that phrase over and over again in my mind everyday but yet, I don't know how long I can live with it.Never would I leave this world before my time and leave my siblings to be tormented by her but then again, how long can I last?Just how long can I last?


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