Friday, December 09, 2005

prom pics

The aqua aka transvestites aka shemales performing.yup,they even did lap dances n stripped poor simon.thank goodness they let him keep his pants on if not i'll be blind now.and guess what,they may be guys at birth but they have better bods than me~!!!roar!!unfair~!!

me + hubby cheryl + carmen

me + darling siti

me +stef
group pic (chris + yin + me + wen + mae + sheen + eve)

1) pink bag i'm holding is eve's..i was too lazy and broke to buy a bag.
2) i need a new hairstyle.any suggestions?
3) i need to loose alot of weight.but i don't care if you are gonna treat me.hehe.
4) lips too red.i look like i just sucked a lollypop.
5) regretted not bringing sister's cam.this is bout all i took during prom.*sad*
6)first four pics taken from Dina's blog.she didn't even go for the prom but she has more pics than me.*sigh**regret*
EDIT: not first four pics but first three..whoopsiez


At 11 December, 2005 01:44 , Blogger wen said...

4 pix?
i tot 3 oni?

At 11 December, 2005 14:03 , Blogger e-Fei said...

hmmz...whoops....yea yr rite...wait...editing..edited!


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