Thursday, January 26, 2006

Drama queen

wah~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~college life made my blog no life man~!!!!
okok..i do major things (read:stuff that i can remember) la k??

My thinking skills teacher, a cool ms. Navina, took us(to d cafeteria oni la) to watch a sketch called "Baling(Membaling)" written and directed by her ex-student, Mark Teh, a member of the Five Arts Centre. I suck at writing reviews so I'll just copy what their flyer says:

Baling(Membaling) is a doci-performance that represents some of the voices of pre-independence Malaya (ie Said Zahari[journalist and activist], Tunku Abdul Rahman[then chief minister] and Chin Peng[sec.-general of the Communist Party of Malaya]).

There's more, but i'm 2 lazy to type the whole thing out.If u really want to know bout the sketch, call me or if alot of ppl want it, I'll do a proper review.

Dance Club's first meeting was on Tuesday and i'm gonna quit already.No, not becouse i can't dance[will only happen when i'm dead or a vege-human...muahahah!] but becouse of all the money i'll need 2 use. RM5 for the ECA office, another RM 15 for the club itself, and then RM 45 monthly for the dance instructor, and that is if i only join the hip-hop classes...NO WAY MAN!!!URBAN GROOVE'S NOT THAT GREAT LA!!! Why don't the commitee find cheaper instructors man??If i can find my telephone book, I'm so gonna pass them some numbers..*sigh* they so don't do their research man..

Drama Club's meeting was today and i'm sticking to it.reason 1= so far no money needed, except the rm 5 for the ECA. Reason 2=Taylor's would sponsor my group alot becouse we're specializing in performing for teenagers, so i won't have to fork out that much if any at all.Reason 3=i'm the new moneysucker treasurer and I won the voting stage hands down man~!!even ppl that i donno oso voted for me..that shows how NOT yong sui i am man...hahahah...

A few days ago, I was having lunch at Salmon Steak Restaurant with a classmate when i saw something i won't wish curse on anyone.ANYONE at all man..the sight was too horrifying.I saw an auntie's half-naked ass.Your reaction should now be what the heck!?!??!?! The washing-up lady who works there had her pants all the way down at least half her ass and to make things worse, she was wearing bunched-up disposable underwear !!!!
Imagine our horror when we realized that it wasn't her apron strings.Unimaginable right??

Also a few days ago, I went to watch a dance demo by Urban Groove(hence the sentence above). i would say it was a waste of time, if i didn't bump into....HIM. Sarv(former tuition friend) was there with a friend of his(forgot his name).No, Sarv didn't make it worth my time but his friend did.He was h-o-t.[does the sizzling sound thingy] seriously.and he's a malay,BUT don't look like one..He's as fair as i am la weh, until i tought he was some guai lo-chinese mix somore....*sigh* I wonder when they'll be free for lunch...hahahahaha...

Gonna go for lunch with Kah Leong and Yee Shuang tmrw..Finally man, after 2 years ~!!

My great grandma passes away on Tues morning.Yeah.Well.yah.liddat la.


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