Sunday, January 08, 2006


ok...i stole this from wen jie becouse i'm just too lazy to type out everything dat happened during my first trip to Genting with MY friends. [wen:thanks yar~~hehehehe]

ee fei and felicia arrived shortly after to complete the foursome that were going up in callie's car. we chatted (mostly ee fei, fi and i. i think we kinda left out poor callie. but then i dunno what to say also. ish) when we were at the foot of the highway leading up to genting, we suddenly began to wonder where the others were. so dunno-who contacted them, only to learn that they were just leaving. lol.

we went all the way up to amber courts to collect fei's sister's ic to check in. the road was super scary and the abandoned projects did nothing to allay my fears (woah! that sounded nice. but it wasnt all that scary. i just wanted to use the word allay. hehe) took us half an hour just to get there from the first world hotel. i got out at the amber courts to accompany ee fei and to stretch. omg! my butt hurt. haha

went down to awana and checked in. the room was a little messy with this funky smell (funky as in funny). it was disgusting to be in there and we were starving so we headed up to the golf terrace to eat. fei and fi had the apple pie and shepard's pie, i had some yucky spaghetti (they just used that kimball tomato sauce poured on some cold spaghetti) and callie had a tasteless ipoh hor fun.

after i had just decided what to eat, tysern called to announce his grand arrival with sue-mae, ken hui and rachel. being the ever-so-kind wen jie, i escorted them to their room. lol. i thought they wouldnt want to be in such a smelly room but the second they unloaded everything, they set-up the ps2 to check if it could work.

after lunch, there was a debate as to whether or not we should head up to genting. but ze xiang hadnt arrived yet. so we decided to spend the night in. fei and fi went up to genting to return the ic. while waiting for them, we got our dinner ready. STEAMBOAT!! we had prepared way too much food. but they hadnt returned yet. we did try to catch a pic of xiang walking into the room after making us wait but we found out that his parents were with him. ish. so they got him to pose at the door after his parents left. i think. i was busy preparing food for the steamboat.

6pm. fei and fi werent back. we were starving. and bored. watching people ddr, play soul caliber and then feeding time or sumting can only be entertaining for a few hours. mae had a crazy idea to arrange the food like a pro. lol. by the time we were done, we decided to eat without them. shortly after, fei called to tell us that they wouldnt be down until 8 something and for us to go ahead with dinner without them. i made a yummy soup!! it was just chicken stock and water but yum! i'm so proud of myself. haha. whatever. it was a bit saddening for me to see so much of our food go to waste so i guess i ate a whole lot.

discovered the joys of playing naruto. fun! xiang and i stayed up late playing it, trying to unlock all the characters. the fun part was that it was all in japanese. and none of us could understand what was going on. went to sleep on the floor at 5.40am, xiang slept slightly later. i woke up to the beep of my handphone alarm (beep coz i turned it off rite after) i looked around and saw that everyone was sound asleep. so i went back to sleep. rachel got up shortly after but then SHE went back to sleep. finally, i could take it no more. i got up and turned on the ps2. lol. slowly, one by one, everyone began to wake up.

we packed up, ate some brekkie, and left for the skyway trip up to genting. while waiting for the shuttle bus, i checked out the rabbit farm. omg. so cute!! there was one fuzzy rabbit with its hair covering its eyes. wurve it! the skyway trip wasnt too scary despite the fact that i have a little case of altophobia (mainly it's when i'm standing next to a railing and i have fears of falling off it) and also claustrophobia (only when i feel that i cant go out of somewhere, or when its really stuffy and i feel as though i cant breath) .

we wanted to go to the outdoor theme park but it was super misty. and effing cold. so i got my parents to let me stay on another day despite the fact that my college was starting the day after i return. so instead, we wandered around the indoor theme park. got my hoop earrings. so some people playing para, wasted money on the arcade games that spit out tickets for prizes that i can buy myself for a cheaper price (but that's not the point rite =P ) tried the euro express ride a couple of times, took a cute pic the first time. hehe. the second pic was so-so, i wasnt even looking at the camera, but mae and rachel got it right. ish.

went on the bumper cars but i kept turning the wheel too much and ended up reversing. it was soo slow. can i like add rubber tyres all around the proton saga i have at home and use it to play bumper cars? that would be so cool. lol. after that, we went out to the flying coaster area to wave the other tourists goodbye. omg. we were so like jakun people. haha. and whenever people responded to our goodbyes, we would shout like mad people. we made a quick departure and returned to our hotel rooms. took late night showers (is 2am too late? ) i got out of the bathroom, watched ken hui play ffX, and then only i noticed that xiang was fast asleep. lol

we woke up at 8 or 9. i lulled around in bed coz i was freezing. my nose was like a tap due to dehydration. left our bags at the reception area while we basked in the glorious morning that was just perfect for outdoor theme park-ing. i had a minor panic attack while riding the clycone so i refused to go for anything wilder. i refused to ride the corkscrew (which didnt matter since it was closed anyway. along with the showboat marine fantasy that was being dismantled, the pirate train that was being upgraded and the solero shot that was under-going maintenance. blah) waited forever to go on the go-kart track. the super-kind staff there allowed rachel to jump queue so she could join us. and tysern purposely got in my way when we were going on the u-turn bend so i banged into him..ish. finally, our day came to an end. we took the skyway down (which would have been quite scary if it wasnt for the mist), hopped on the bus and took the lrt to kelana jaya. said our goodbyes.

ok..hehe..for more pics, go to mae 's blog la yah..hehehe..okies now..buhbye~!


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