Saturday, January 21, 2006

hey there how ya doin?

stole this from eRic:

hey there how ya doin?
me? i'm alive n kickin ....
yea i know i've been missin,
but hey I'M BACK BLOGGIN ....
actually nothin much interestin,
but jz da hands r itching ....
n lately mind bac functionin,
so here i m simply crappin ....
updatin, uploadin, editin, anytin,
u keep loggin in, i keep typin ....
but actually my life veri boring,
Monday 2 Sunday nothin happenin ....
so i duno y u all stil readin,
reali make my kepala pusing .... ;p

and the post's reply:

hmmmm, somebody very boring
always only fishing
time for you to do something
before you rot and become nothing
try looking for a job instead of lazing
rotaracting ain't everything
but everything is rotaracting :)

hahaha..eric, if yr reading this, GO DO SOMETHING~!!!hehehehehe


At 21 January, 2006 17:53 , Anonymous hgh said...

thanks for the info


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