Friday, January 13, 2006

lagggggggggggging oni..hehe

ok ok..i've been lagging on updating my blog but i've been so tired the past few started edi....*cry*

day 1 - oreantation
yay~! finally i'll get to know my timetable and can plan everything edi!!then, when i DO get my timetable........*shock* classes start at 8AM everyday, and if i'm late for even 5 minutes only, i have to go get a late slip and pray that my lecturer will let me into class. breaks r 1 hour long everyday except for fri since i don't have a break then but then again, i get to go back at 1 PM instead of the usual 3/4PM. Oh well.

day 2 - public holiday
zzzzZZZZZzzzzz. need i say more?

day 3 - first day of studies
arrived on time(thank goodness.i tought it was impossible even for my mom to get from kj to subang in under 15 minutes) but i was late coming back from my break! the s****d pan mien stall lady owner cook person took 45, yes, 45 minutes to cook my noodles so in the end i had to finish the whole bowl in under 5 minutes if i canna make it back in the time i collected my papers that i photostated earlier, i had only 5 minutes left, but then i had to meet my cousin n get more papers and books from her.I could have made in in time, if i didn't get lost. I ended up going around at least half the campus looking for my math class and when i found it, i was late.argh!first math lesson den late edi..pai seh man.

day 4 - second day of studies
mom was late so we left the house only at 7.50(reminder:my classes start at 8 sharp) den, more bad luck.jam jam jam miss the turning jam jam...yea, i get the point dont u?so i went to the office to get the late slip since i was already 20 minutes late but when i was there the lady said: "we stop giving late slips after 15 minutes.u will have to see whether yr lecturer will let you in" *shock*(again). then, to make matters worse, i went to the wrong block(again) so i was already 25 minutes late by the time i reached class...math class. The lecturer remembered me from the previous day and gave me a warning: "the next time you are late, don't bother coming in" *fear*
the rest of the day went smoothly thankfully,but it was so tiring...

day 5 - third day, and the last of the week
yes!!on time!!ehehehehe!!wahoo!!everything went quite well la. stayed back until 4 for a talk from the student council since i'm planning to join them, just at a small-fart fella.i don't think i can take all the stuff to do if i run for one of the head positions.


At 18 January, 2006 00:37 , Blogger zillieman said...

haih, at least you're in college. im like sampah masyarakat now.

At 18 January, 2006 23:07 , Blogger wen said...

guess wat..if ure student council is nething like mine, u haf to give a little speech...even if u wanna be a small-fart fella...

gawd, this biatch from my class actually got people interested in her.dem.i shouldnt haf helped her.blekz..


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