Thursday, January 19, 2006

Timing isn't my best quality

i was late for class today....again....for the same teacher...and again, it wasn't my fault.Instead, it was my mom's.

The first time, there was some miscommunication [or rather "missing"-communication] with her collegue who sometimes follow her to work. At 7.45 am, my mom called her up to tell her that we need to leave earlier [read: there and then]. Luckily, she was already nearby but unluckily, I was still late becouse of the terrible traffic jam. Thankfully my lecturer [who is also my mentor] let me attend class even though she has the right to deny me entry since I was late and let me off with just a warning.

The second time [this morning], my mom didn't wake up in time.Luckily I had the brains to go and check what was taking her so long, if not, I wouldn't have to go to college today. The bad part was, I was late for the SAME subject[math] so when I reached college, I didn't dare to go into class.Me being [or trying to be] nerdy, I went up to the library to study and update the rest of my notes, causing June and Wilson mini heart attacks as I was having their chemistry practical books....or I was supposed to have being the ever forgetful one, I left all three of our books at home so I had to photocopy the lab ex. that we were supposed to do.Thankfully chem as after break.

Had a very nice time chatting with new-found-friend Hui Jing during lunch today.She's so bubbly and cute~!!haha...
gtg now...If i stay any longer the mosquitos will kill me....

p/s:stay tuned for "The Life of A Mosquito In My Room:Ep.3"


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