Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Do flies even have tonsils?

I've got tonsillitis!!!

and I have to go for a tonsillectomy!! ok la, that one i trying 2 scare u oni la..muahaHAHA!

but I DO haf tonsillitis, hopefully the antibiotics will work but then again, sites I've visited says it's a 10-day course, but my doc only gave me for 4 days...hmmmm...If the infection doesn't go down, then I might REALLY have to go for surgery*sked sked!!*

What is tonsillitis you may ask?

Tonsillitis is a disorder involving inflammation of the tonsils. There are two tonsils, situated on either side of the back of the throat and they form part of the body's immune system. They, like the rest of the immune system, contain special cells to trap and kill bacteria and viruses travelling through the body.

When the main site of infection is within the tonsils they swell, become red and inflamed and may show a surface coating of white spots.

Tonsillitis is extremely common in children and young people but it can occur at any age. The characteristics of the disease are pain in the throat and trouble swallowing.

Tonsillitis is usually a self-limiting condition, ie it gets better without treatment, and generally there are no complications.

oh, here's a pic on what tonsillitis is:

(my tonsils don look that gross la,no white spots, just inflamed tonsils. I think mine is just a mild case.)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Things I want for my birthday:

Things I want for my birthday:(yes, I very thick skin one.muahahah!)

1)A new bag for college;

2)A bag I can use when I go out(any shoulderbag will do but I DO like this one*hint*);

3)A Mp3 player so I won't get so bored on the bus;

4)A book.Any good one(*hint* MPH warehouse sale this weekend!I'll appreciate the $!);

5)An ankh necklace.I can't find one anywhere anytime in MY.*sigh*.

p/s:if yr getting me something from this list, tell me pls so I can take it off my list...hehe..must make the most of it ma...heheheh

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Personality thingy

guys(who know me personally), go here please. it's a personality thingy.I would love you guys to go there and choose the words that describes me.Thanks.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

getting rid of backlog

ok ok..time to get rid of all my backlog.

First, HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY MABEL!!

Second,i'm not gonna write type bout the CNY celebrations and Single Appreciation'sValentine's Day. If you, dear reader, want to know,read wen's blog. She did all of it edi so lazy la me.One thing that happened during the day of the CNY celebrations that wen didn't post:I got so malu-fied.Wen,Stef and I were standing on the landing of the stairs where i spotted a cutie that so happens is their classmate.They got hyped and started calling out to him even though he was on the OTHER side of the block.His friends(who were a level above us) heard and one of them sneaked down and cought me saying "cute wat, but got bushy eyebrows oni" or something on the lines of that la.When I turned to face Stef and Wen, there he was, eyes all big big and face full of either shock or amusement or probably both.ARGH!!

For those 8 ppl who wanna know what i got for V-Day, it's a bath kit thingy from my class's secret valentine project and a stalk or rose from someone-you-don't-need-to-know. muahahahaHAHA! oh, there's one thing diff from my v-day experience.I tried to get my whole class to wear pink on that day, but sadly, my classmates aren't not sporting enough..there was still a handful that didn't wear the pink/red as I asked.*sigh/grrr* Another class,tho, was sporting enough.They had the same idea(copycat!ehehhe) and the WHOLE CLASS (guys included) wore pink!It was so the cuteness man!!

Thirdly,things I get to see slash do by taking the bus EVERY day, to and from college:
a)rain rain rain rain
b)cute guys*drooool*
c)leng luis(grrrrrr!!)
d)the back of my eyelids
e)chat with old friends that I've not seen for many many years
f)meet new friends (will tell the story of Alice later)
g)get to hang with Nimalan(ppl!watch his head grow big BIG!!heheheheh..hie Nimi!!)
h)cetak rompak VCD seller guys getting cuffed and trying to escape.

and now, for the story of Alice.
Me got on the bus. Me happy, donno why.Falalalalalalala. Saw girl standing near the driver.She asks everyone nearby: "Do you have change for a fiver??" Of coz no one has la.Me pity her and approaches her.Me passes her 50 sen that happens to be in my purse.She says eh cannot, I don't have change!!.Me said nvmla, 50 sen oni ma.She says but still money ma.Me says then next time someone doesn's have change,pay for them.She terharu(haha..izit??) and we started chatting and then exchanged numbers. The verdict?Guys who wants to get a girl's number, pay for their bill.

edit:I just reread my previous post.ok fine, so this post isn't super long.wtv la...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Renault F1 Team Pit Party

Event : Renault F1 Team Pit Party
Tiesto - In Search of Sunrise 5 - Asia Tour 2006
*Date : March 18th 2006
*Venue : KLIA Limousine Shuttle Bay
*Time : 6pm - 3am
*Lineup : Bass Agents (tbc)
Drum Connection
Tiesto (5 hour set)

*Massive concert style staging (240ft span). Tons
of pyro displays. Mad lighting and lasers. Huge
multiple projection screens.

*presale tickets will go on sale sometime this
->presale tickets will go for RM 65.00 + 1 drink
->doorsale tickets will go for RM 80.00 + 1 drink.
->presale ticket outlets will be announced shortly.

*there will be 6000 FREE car park bays available
for all you party people. Car pool if possible to minimise
traffic congestion.

*Drinks will be sold at reasonable prices.

*Light food and snacks will be available at the

yay!I'll be L-E-G-A-L by then!!(reminder:7th Mar yea~~??hehe.pressie!!) .
All for now.Gonna rain.Gosh, next full post will be super long...more den 1 week punya stuff weh..hehe

Saturday, February 04, 2006

buka-ing mejas

just came back from rachel's open hs..argh...stupid in between game...make me loose all my earnings and more oni...ish ish gonna stick to blackjack oni man now...muahahaha..can earn alot man~~~
wah..her hs is huge man.....i wan~!!rach~~i lurve yr garden!!i love d kolam thingy~!very fung shui-ey~!!got water n sound, veli veli gud u know...heheheheh...
many thanks to her and her family for hosting a cny open hs..finally i can bukak meja...muahahahah!![tho i lost, but still fun la]

Friday, February 03, 2006

the thing that strikes fear in my heart

spm results coming out on the 28 of Feb~!!!!
i dowan~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Don's shave your ass

thinking about shaving yr ass?read this before it.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Baling (Membaling)

oooooooooo~~~i saw a WHOLE PAGE article on the Baling(Membaling) sketch in the papers today~!!(see see, this proves i haf good taste kay...hehe)
Got back from Ipoh 2 days ago and boy was it NOT happening...everyone was quite subdued this yr...haihs..i din get to even "open table" big2 oso for a couple of rounds oni...sigh...oh well, hopefully i'll b able 2 go for some cny gaderings...


went for tsze's 18th bday dinner was supposed 2 be her family plus me,v,mablur and binn....but den le,binn suddenly had a family dinner 2 go to, ms blur still in China,v pulak in melacca still so it was oni shy man me dat nite~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!tsze r,next time tell me kay~~~~~don when i reach yr place oni tell u knoe~~~!!

my mom's going back 2 her hometown 2nite coz my other great grandma is doing alot worse...d doc sed that she will go anytime now.....shitez man...y la??ok la, fine la, she is very old edi(bout 90 i think) but still.......y la??she's so cute 1 somore k...when she was younger, she managed to learn then teach abit of English to my grand-uncle, even tho she can't read or write u chun rite??of coz la, MY great grannie la...of coz la..sigh..i hope the doc is wrong man..*wish wish wish*ppl, pray for her k??don care la who/what/when/where u pray, just do it la..thankz ya?

err...what else r??oh ya...
sei kah leong la~!!u don haf class on fri den tell ma~!!u made me wait for more den 1 hour for d blarddy bus u know~!!!!
[read past post if yr blur]