Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Baling (Membaling)

oooooooooo~~~i saw a WHOLE PAGE article on the Baling(Membaling) sketch in the papers today~!!(see see, this proves i haf good taste kay...hehe)
Got back from Ipoh 2 days ago and boy was it NOT happening...everyone was quite subdued this yr...haihs..i din get to even "open table" big2 oso for a couple of rounds oni...sigh...oh well, hopefully i'll b able 2 go for some cny gaderings...


went for tsze's 18th bday dinner was supposed 2 be her family plus me,v,mablur and binn....but den le,binn suddenly had a family dinner 2 go to, ms blur still in China,v pulak in melacca still so it was oni shy man me dat nite~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!tsze r,next time tell me kay~~~~~don when i reach yr place oni tell u knoe~~~!!

my mom's going back 2 her hometown 2nite coz my other great grandma is doing alot worse...d doc sed that she will go anytime now.....shitez man...y la??ok la, fine la, she is very old edi(bout 90 i think) but still.......y la??she's so cute 1 somore k...when she was younger, she managed to learn then teach abit of English to my grand-uncle, even tho she can't read or write u chun rite??of coz la, MY great grannie la...of coz la..sigh..i hope the doc is wrong man..*wish wish wish*ppl, pray for her k??don care la who/what/when/where u pray, just do it la..thankz ya?

err...what else r??oh ya...
sei kah leong la~!!u don haf class on fri den tell ma~!!u made me wait for more den 1 hour for d blarddy bus u know~!!!!
[read past post if yr blur]


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