Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Do flies even have tonsils?

I've got tonsillitis!!!

and I have to go for a tonsillectomy!! ok la, that one i trying 2 scare u oni la..muahaHAHA!

but I DO haf tonsillitis, hopefully the antibiotics will work but then again, sites I've visited says it's a 10-day course, but my doc only gave me for 4 days...hmmmm...If the infection doesn't go down, then I might REALLY have to go for surgery*sked sked!!*

What is tonsillitis you may ask?

Tonsillitis is a disorder involving inflammation of the tonsils. There are two tonsils, situated on either side of the back of the throat and they form part of the body's immune system. They, like the rest of the immune system, contain special cells to trap and kill bacteria and viruses travelling through the body.

When the main site of infection is within the tonsils they swell, become red and inflamed and may show a surface coating of white spots.

Tonsillitis is extremely common in children and young people but it can occur at any age. The characteristics of the disease are pain in the throat and trouble swallowing.

Tonsillitis is usually a self-limiting condition, ie it gets better without treatment, and generally there are no complications.

oh, here's a pic on what tonsillitis is:

(my tonsils don look that gross la,no white spots, just inflamed tonsils. I think mine is just a mild case.)


At 11 April, 2010 01:31 , Blogger takuyakiabysucks said...

Ahhh. i Got mine as well. sucks aint? darn it. i cant swallow. T__T


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