Saturday, February 18, 2006

getting rid of backlog

ok ok..time to get rid of all my backlog.

First, HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY MABEL!!

Second,i'm not gonna write type bout the CNY celebrations and Single Appreciation'sValentine's Day. If you, dear reader, want to know,read wen's blog. She did all of it edi so lazy la me.One thing that happened during the day of the CNY celebrations that wen didn't post:I got so malu-fied.Wen,Stef and I were standing on the landing of the stairs where i spotted a cutie that so happens is their classmate.They got hyped and started calling out to him even though he was on the OTHER side of the block.His friends(who were a level above us) heard and one of them sneaked down and cought me saying "cute wat, but got bushy eyebrows oni" or something on the lines of that la.When I turned to face Stef and Wen, there he was, eyes all big big and face full of either shock or amusement or probably both.ARGH!!

For those 8 ppl who wanna know what i got for V-Day, it's a bath kit thingy from my class's secret valentine project and a stalk or rose from someone-you-don't-need-to-know. muahahahaHAHA! oh, there's one thing diff from my v-day experience.I tried to get my whole class to wear pink on that day, but sadly, my classmates aren't not sporting enough..there was still a handful that didn't wear the pink/red as I asked.*sigh/grrr* Another class,tho, was sporting enough.They had the same idea(copycat!ehehhe) and the WHOLE CLASS (guys included) wore pink!It was so the cuteness man!!

Thirdly,things I get to see slash do by taking the bus EVERY day, to and from college:
a)rain rain rain rain
b)cute guys*drooool*
c)leng luis(grrrrrr!!)
d)the back of my eyelids
e)chat with old friends that I've not seen for many many years
f)meet new friends (will tell the story of Alice later)
g)get to hang with Nimalan(ppl!watch his head grow big BIG!!heheheheh..hie Nimi!!)
h)cetak rompak VCD seller guys getting cuffed and trying to escape.

and now, for the story of Alice.
Me got on the bus. Me happy, donno why.Falalalalalalala. Saw girl standing near the driver.She asks everyone nearby: "Do you have change for a fiver??" Of coz no one has la.Me pity her and approaches her.Me passes her 50 sen that happens to be in my purse.She says eh cannot, I don't have change!!.Me said nvmla, 50 sen oni ma.She says but still money ma.Me says then next time someone doesn's have change,pay for them.She terharu(haha..izit??) and we started chatting and then exchanged numbers. The verdict?Guys who wants to get a girl's number, pay for their bill.

edit:I just reread my previous post.ok fine, so this post isn't super long.wtv la...


At 21 February, 2006 21:52 , Blogger wen said...

his fren did not sneak down lar. he happened to be on the way my comment

At 21 February, 2006 21:53 , Blogger wen said...

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At 21 February, 2006 21:54 , Blogger wen said...

i meant on ure taggie


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