Friday, March 31, 2006

free facials

my troat still hurts........>.<

On Tuesday, during my Rotaract meeting, i got creamed. Again. Same situation, different place, different people, similar outcome.

Situation: Me getting a "facial" with fresh cream.

Place 1: Ming Tien
Place 2: Asia Cafe
Place 3: Room 519 (Rotaract's meeting venue)

People 1: Shy people who don't like the whole wide world knowing their names
People 2: Classmates
People 3: Rotaractors and guests.

Outcome: Cream all over me, cream all over other people (I like to get others too...hehe) but this time round, the candle scratched my troat til it bled so now it hurts like heck.

No pic was taken except during the Rotaract one, but it's with Stef. Will post only when I get sick of people bugging me about it. It's not my best pic la k..(woe unto those who says it is. )

For blur people and those small kiddies out there, this is how you get unsuspecting (or do they?) birthday people:

Step 1: Get a cake, be it just cream or with sponge, but make sure you have a backup cake. Who want's to eat a cake with a person's face imprinted on it?

Step 2: Sing the song, blow the candle(s), bla bla bla, BUT push the biggest candle all the way into the cake and get the birthday person to take it out using his/her teeth only.

Step 3:
Place a fast runner behind the birthday person and get the camera ready. When he/she has the tip of his/her nose planted in the cake, push his/her head ALL the way down.

Step 4:
Run/Laugh/Take a picture/Prepare tissues/Laugh/Laugh some more, depending on your role. Laughers beware: Victim Birthday person may take revenge by throwing/smearing cream on you too.

Just read Mae's sister's and mumu's blogs. Love their blogs. Especially post on her wanting to be a veggie. Potato~~~ahahahahahah. So cute. Mae's family rock.All funny funny one. Like mumu, like Mae.

Gonna go to Pangkor tmrw for Cheng Beng. Gonna get a workout. Gonna climb hills. Gonna be bored. Gonna wish someone can come with me to reduce boredom. Gonna get a headache planning class trip. Gonna want suggestions from dear readers. Gonna look for place to have a bbq. Gonna plan a surprise party for Shams.Maybe.

Been missing people. Can't wait for April hols to go visiting. One sentence I tought I'll never utter type: I wanna go to school! April's gonna be fun. BBQ, paintball fight, Redbox, fondu? party,dinner,photos photos photos. Hopefully.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

I look like Song Hye Kyo

I saw this link on Sha-lene's blog, so I decided 2 try it out. It's a face recognition thingy. All you do is get a picture of your face, preferably a big one with high resolution, upload it to their site and wait, then wait some more, then wait a litle bit more, and tada~~you will get a notice that you look like Eminem. ahahahahahahahah.. I tried with this pic:

that's me n my bff Ficia in yr 2005 during some school thingy..yea, that's a kimono, a fake 1 la..

and it seems that in that picture, I look like:

Song Hye Kyo. Uhuh.Where's the resemblance??Don't ask me. I think i look waaaaaaay hotter than her.You can stop laughing now.Really, you can stop now.I don't really think I'm hotter la...That's like saying pigs can fly but wait a minute, pigs can fly, what are airplanes for?ahahhahaha.. but then again, I think this pic of her is more like me:

You know la, all the guys love surrounding me. ahahahahhahahahahahhaah...Oh damn, you vomited your heart out again r?? Faster put your heart back in!! Your body can't last too long without a heart!! ahahahahahahhaha!!!

(Isn't it obvious I'm really, REALLY bored? what to do, finish watching the only 8 episodes of House, MD that I have....animes oso finish watching edi...*hint hint*)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

A REAL post

haha...i think Mae would be so jar dou with my last "post". hehehehhehehehehehe!!

ok, for a REAL post:

On the previous Monday, I missed the bus.Again.*grr*. It was a case of me-not-running-fast-enough as usual so I saw the bus pull away from the stop, going further and further from me. Sad case right? Not really my fault as
1) the bus came early, and
2)the bus stops at a further stop now

Yup, the RapidKL bus number 900-B does not stop at the Metropolitan bus stop now, but a tthe Sri KL bus stop which is far, far, faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away. Ok, fine, so I'm streaching the truth abit. So now, I have to rush to the bus stop straight after my classes so I won't have to take a taxi back or wait for another hour for the next bus. Problem is, most of my lecturers love keeping us in for an extra 15 minutes or so.

Ok, back to the story. So on Monday, I missed the bus, together with Wai Kwan(classmate) and Peter(classmate and primary schoolmate) so we ended up taking the Mini Bus to some LRT station which I forgot to take the train back to the KJ station. If you were there with me, you would've seen some really jakun-ing scenes.

Wai Kwan: "oooooooo!! the train's turning!! weeeeeeeee!!! hehehe"
Peter:"Damn the bus's air conditioning's good.....snoooore"
Me:"..." Since when hae I ever acted like a jakun?Don't answer that.Haha.

Yesterday, there was a 'The Apperentice'-ish scene during my Math class. Our lecturer who is also our mentor(kinda like class teacher thingy) 'fired' Peter and elected, of all people, me, to be the class rep instead.Damn.I hate to have to go for LAN classes all the time and actually TALK to Ari(LAN lecturer who everyone hates). Bleh. He'll surely go "oh, so my Datin's the class rep now ah...".Ergh! He can be so irratating at times everytime. Ms.Shoba, my mentor, won't let me get out from ,quote, "such a great post,it'll look good in yer testimonial", unquote. Even though I screwed up my first task if you can call it that.

Since we're starting Statistics on that day, she gave me a booklet to photocopy for the whole class to use as our text book since buying the original book would just be a waste of money. Goody-goody me went to do as she said and even tried to give a copy to everyone before her class. The thing is, some were not in class when I gave the booklets out so I just left the rest under my desk so I would have space to do my work. And I left it there. And forgot about it. Until 3 hours later. Yup. When I went back to look for it, the whole stack wasn't there anymore. Soehow, it disappeared into thin air. I asked the first lecturer who used the room my booklets were in whether she saw it and surprise surprise (not) she didn't. The next class who used the room didn't see it either.Smart me even left my lecturer's copy in the missing stack of booklets so I HAD to tell Ms. Shoba. Luckily, she was fine, happy even, to get a (newer) photocopied copy (it rhymes!) and when she told me she's going to elect me as class rep, I was like "NO!! I'll suck as the class rep!I can't even photocopy stuff without screwing it up!" and her reply? "Nevermind, this is a good lesson...." and then she announced it to the whole class. Bleh.

On another note, I stayed back for a little while on Wed to take some pictures with Drama Club and our soon-to-be-ex Teacher(lecturer?) advisor, Mr Caroll Morrington. As usual, only a handful turned up, who knows where they've gotten lost at for the past, oh, 3 months or so? Oh well, as long as they give me the club money. Here are some of the pics taken:

Mr Caroll chatting with some of us. o, we weren't ready.

Mr Caroll with his 'I'm Donald Duck Trump' pose and Karen? I donno la

Us doing the 'something man' pose while Karen doing God knows what again.

It's supposed to be a relaxed, funny pic, but it didn't turn out that way.

Nuggie!! Karen sacrificed herself.hehehe.she's cool.with her 'thong bunny' craze.

Nah mae. For you

ok, this post is dedicated to Mae who asked for it.


Saturday, March 18, 2006

V for Vendetta

Went to watch

today. Fuhyoh~~~~~~ worth all of the RM9 man...go watch, faster!!

I hate writing/telling ppl what a movie is about when they can go watch it themselves, so I'll just tell you, dear busybodies readers one thing:

The mask is cool to look at alone, but a whole sea of it?? Se-caryness weh....

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

FEI world cup


and there's more!!

fuhyoh!!!! I din even know until now that someone named d World Cup after me man!!!!
ahahahahahahahahah..duh no one did that la...not yet la anyway..maybe in the next 10 years, but not now la...hehehehe...
those FEI FEI thing is actually for some horse riding thingy... I came across it when I was surfing around in boredom...hehehehehehhe

Monday, March 13, 2006


okie dokie....
If you STILL don't know the reason to the previous post's outburst, this is why.

I only got 5As for SPM when practically my whole class got at LEAST 9As.

Bleh.Feeling horrible now. And stupid too. And ashamed. And guilty.

Horrible becouse please la, who won't feel horrible if they got super sucky results?
Stupid becouse I'm the one with the worst result.
Ashamed becouse of my cacated results can't even be placed beside my siblings'.
Guilt becouse I promised Pn.Hamizan I would get at least A2 for Bio...but I didn't.

Before everyone starts bombarding me with questions about my results, here's the FAQ so far:

A1 x 4: Modern Math, English, EST, and (Pn. Saik would be so proud of me) PHYSICS.

A2 x 1 +1: (Pn Cheng would be proud of me) Additional Math + GCE O-LEVELS English

B3 x 4: BM (Fulamak Cik Asnishah won't believe me man), Moral (sorry Pn Cecilia), Bio (I'm soooooo sorry Pn Hamizan!!)

B4 x 1: History

As you can see, I'm proud of my Physics and Add Math results. Why? Becouse I've never gotten even a credit (that's C and above for old people those who don't know) for them before and here I am, getting As!!!woooot~~~!! As for my BM, well, I've been getting Cs for so long it's a surprise I could get a B3.

But I'm really really ashamed of my Bio and Moral marks. I really tought I could, no WOULD get A1 for Moral and at least A2 for my Bio. Damn.

I'm not that happy with my GCE O-Levels English results. I feel that I've let my English tiution teacher, may his soul rest in peace, down. I'm sorry Mr Teh.Really sorry. (Is there web services in the afterlife??I wonder...)

No surprise for my English, Modern Math and EST results.If I've gotten anything lower then I'll really go kill myself. Or just visit Mrs Tan, my Math tuition teacher and let her drown me in her fish pond or hang me from her coconut tree. God knows how many times she threatened to do that to us edi if we(her students) don't get at LEAST A2.

ok.I'm getting depressed edi. So, to cheer myself up I'll think to myself "well fei, at least you don't have to worry bout being forced to drop Chem or Math in A Levels edi..."

>.<" oh ya, one more thing:




Sunday, March 12, 2006

False alarm

I slept at 1am last night and woke up at 1 pm today...and I still feel sleepy.Damn.
Okie, I just remembered something that happened on Friday so I'm gonna bore tell you guys what happened.

Met up with DJians at the usual place then went to my locker to get my Bio lab stuff and then proceeded to walk to the lab. Met up with my classmates then I felt my vibrator phone vibrating. Picked it up and it was Shamus. The following was our conversation.

Shams: Min Yuan's parents called.They said our (SPM) results out today.
Me: HAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sure anot?!?!?!?!?!
Shams: They said they read it in the newspapers one....
Me: So how??You going to go to school now r??
Shams: After classes oni lo..u wanna go??
Me: I can' am I supposed to get home??

errr...i kinda forgot the rest of our conversation edi but I know that I was freaking out the whole time.Imagine a chicken clucking and flapping away....that's kinda how I looked like la...I wanted to tell my classmates but I still wasn't sure about it yet..

I went for Bio, thinking only about SPM the whole time until I got the following SMS from Shams:

"Results out edi, but we can oni go n collect it on Mon."

If you could see me then, you'll actually see me deflating.I was that relieved. Since I knew the whole story edi, I told la my classmates who kept on asking me what happened. Bad idea. In the end, EVERYONE got stressed thinking about their results. Blah. Sucky day...

Oh, one more thing:

Remember to wear red clothes r, so we can come back and haunt the examiners...muahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

y am i so stressed?

it's 2 days 'til my SPM results will be released so I thought,"hey, let's go out before I get grounded for life" so I starting calling,SMSing and even IMing....the replies i got?
"got driving lesson la", "in Penang la", "lazy la", "going for church", "going wid others edi" and the more popular "......................................".

come on la ppl!! this

is edi saddening enuf la..come on la, 945 is like 0.22% oni man....i'm so not 1 of NOT finding ppl with d mood to go kai kai is even more saddening man....another sad fact in my life??
I con't be going 2 school bright and early on Monday 2 get my results...y?coz my parents forbid, and i mean FORBID me to skip classes even though I've already told them that less than 5 ppl(including me) will be attending class (that's the truth k..) and my lecturers won't be teaching..AT ALL.~~~>.<~~~ bleh....lazy to type edi so I'm gonna end this post with 2 pics taken during Eve's sweet 16 birthday dinner...


muahahahha!!isn't it obvious I got the cake??hehehe

Super cleaning cloth!

nah...for my darling ppl overseas who has to clean yr room yourself [and those just plain lazy la]

tadaa!! super 8 and 16 sided cleaning cloth!!no more washing like crazy!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

it's my birthday and i'll cry if i want to, cry if i want to, cry if i want to~~~

not that i want to la...heheheh~~
yay~!no rotaract meeting tonight so i wouldn't get creamed by the rotaractors [to bad sheenie] and I got prezzies!! Here's the list so far:

- cash from mummy
- cash from daddy
- cake from sis
- a doggie thingy with a welcome sign from it from Yi Ping, Sin Yee and Nicholas [it's huge; damn shy man carrying the box couldn't fit into my locker]
- two pink handbags from Tsze, Mabel and V
- a SEED top that Zue (and her mom) got for me
- hugs from ...errrrr...alot of ppl..heheheh
- wishes from alot again
and the one I really really love?
a SMS and a card from Mae all the way from Aussie!!! I love u girl!!

rewind to yesterday:
PM12 [that's my class for blur ppl out there] got me and wai wai[classmate whose bday was on d 5th] a cake~~!!so sweet rite? but then d not so sweet part came...they made us remove d candles wid out teeth...*haihz* and I tought finally one year where i wont kena....

Ms Shoba[my math lecturer and mentor] wished me happy early birthday....and patted me on the made me feel like a super kawaii neko neko-chan....hehehehehhehehe...

rewind to the day before yesterday[Sunday]:
went for dinner with tsze,mabel,v,sinyee,yiping,bobkurt and affan at Ming Tien. and it rained...heavily...... before we got to order our food. so since oni me n tsze were not wearing shoes, we went 2 order....and came back all clean after our "shower". >.<......oh well, I did have fun laughing away....hehe...

Friday, March 03, 2006

DJians rock!

Notice: the electronic fly's tonsils is still in her body, infection free.The mouth where the tonsils resides would like to thank everyone who wished the tonsils to get better.

ok,since that's done...
many thanks out to Shamus [tho i doubt he even knows this blog's existance] for teaching me how 2 hold d que..(is that how u spell it??) and guess wat? I finished a game in about 30 minutes!!wooot!!hahaha..second time playing oni somore...ahahhahahahaha...yala yala...i know it took a really long time la...but i'm still proud...hehehehhee..

my drama club's teacher[lecturer?] advisor will be leaving soon...on the 24th to be exact...damn, he's supposed 2 be a really good coach...but oh well, he got a better job offer and if I was him, i would do the same thing...

what else happened??ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! I almost forgot a major thing that happened today!! this happened:

SOMEONE's not pointing coz she sed(to my classmate) DJ's shirt sucks.(but she STILL wore it.will bitch bout it later...muahahahah!)

Hawaii's holding her's coz...coz...err, i donno actually..ahahahhaHAHA!!
[hmm, I should pose like that more often...dont make me look so fat...hehehe]

Yao makes me look so S-H-O-R-T!!n it's Yao's SECOND time wearing his uniform..!

Zue,my classmate that I'm closest to now...guys,if u wanna buaya her, she prefer notti ones..

I <3>