Friday, March 03, 2006

DJians rock!

Notice: the electronic fly's tonsils is still in her body, infection free.The mouth where the tonsils resides would like to thank everyone who wished the tonsils to get better.

ok,since that's done...
many thanks out to Shamus [tho i doubt he even knows this blog's existance] for teaching me how 2 hold d que..(is that how u spell it??) and guess wat? I finished a game in about 30 minutes!!wooot!!hahaha..second time playing oni somore...ahahhahahahaha...yala yala...i know it took a really long time la...but i'm still proud...hehehehhee..

my drama club's teacher[lecturer?] advisor will be leaving soon...on the 24th to be exact...damn, he's supposed 2 be a really good coach...but oh well, he got a better job offer and if I was him, i would do the same thing...

what else happened??ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! I almost forgot a major thing that happened today!! this happened:

SOMEONE's not pointing coz she sed(to my classmate) DJ's shirt sucks.(but she STILL wore it.will bitch bout it later...muahahahah!)

Hawaii's holding her's coz...coz...err, i donno actually..ahahahhaHAHA!!
[hmm, I should pose like that more often...dont make me look so fat...hehehe]

Yao makes me look so S-H-O-R-T!!n it's Yao's SECOND time wearing his uniform..!

Zue,my classmate that I'm closest to now...guys,if u wanna buaya her, she prefer notti ones..

I <3>


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