Friday, March 31, 2006

free facials

my troat still hurts........>.<

On Tuesday, during my Rotaract meeting, i got creamed. Again. Same situation, different place, different people, similar outcome.

Situation: Me getting a "facial" with fresh cream.

Place 1: Ming Tien
Place 2: Asia Cafe
Place 3: Room 519 (Rotaract's meeting venue)

People 1: Shy people who don't like the whole wide world knowing their names
People 2: Classmates
People 3: Rotaractors and guests.

Outcome: Cream all over me, cream all over other people (I like to get others too...hehe) but this time round, the candle scratched my troat til it bled so now it hurts like heck.

No pic was taken except during the Rotaract one, but it's with Stef. Will post only when I get sick of people bugging me about it. It's not my best pic la k..(woe unto those who says it is. )

For blur people and those small kiddies out there, this is how you get unsuspecting (or do they?) birthday people:

Step 1: Get a cake, be it just cream or with sponge, but make sure you have a backup cake. Who want's to eat a cake with a person's face imprinted on it?

Step 2: Sing the song, blow the candle(s), bla bla bla, BUT push the biggest candle all the way into the cake and get the birthday person to take it out using his/her teeth only.

Step 3:
Place a fast runner behind the birthday person and get the camera ready. When he/she has the tip of his/her nose planted in the cake, push his/her head ALL the way down.

Step 4:
Run/Laugh/Take a picture/Prepare tissues/Laugh/Laugh some more, depending on your role. Laughers beware: Victim Birthday person may take revenge by throwing/smearing cream on you too.

Just read Mae's sister's and mumu's blogs. Love their blogs. Especially post on her wanting to be a veggie. Potato~~~ahahahahahah. So cute. Mae's family rock.All funny funny one. Like mumu, like Mae.

Gonna go to Pangkor tmrw for Cheng Beng. Gonna get a workout. Gonna climb hills. Gonna be bored. Gonna wish someone can come with me to reduce boredom. Gonna get a headache planning class trip. Gonna want suggestions from dear readers. Gonna look for place to have a bbq. Gonna plan a surprise party for Shams.Maybe.

Been missing people. Can't wait for April hols to go visiting. One sentence I tought I'll never utter type: I wanna go to school! April's gonna be fun. BBQ, paintball fight, Redbox, fondu? party,dinner,photos photos photos. Hopefully.


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