Saturday, March 25, 2006

I look like Song Hye Kyo

I saw this link on Sha-lene's blog, so I decided 2 try it out. It's a face recognition thingy. All you do is get a picture of your face, preferably a big one with high resolution, upload it to their site and wait, then wait some more, then wait a litle bit more, and tada~~you will get a notice that you look like Eminem. ahahahahahahahah.. I tried with this pic:

that's me n my bff Ficia in yr 2005 during some school thingy..yea, that's a kimono, a fake 1 la..

and it seems that in that picture, I look like:

Song Hye Kyo. Uhuh.Where's the resemblance??Don't ask me. I think i look waaaaaaay hotter than her.You can stop laughing now.Really, you can stop now.I don't really think I'm hotter la...That's like saying pigs can fly but wait a minute, pigs can fly, what are airplanes for?ahahhahaha.. but then again, I think this pic of her is more like me:

You know la, all the guys love surrounding me. ahahahahhahahahahahhaah...Oh damn, you vomited your heart out again r?? Faster put your heart back in!! Your body can't last too long without a heart!! ahahahahahahhaha!!!

(Isn't it obvious I'm really, REALLY bored? what to do, finish watching the only 8 episodes of House, MD that I have....animes oso finish watching edi...*hint hint*)


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