Tuesday, March 07, 2006

it's my birthday and i'll cry if i want to, cry if i want to, cry if i want to~~~

not that i want to la...heheheh~~
yay~!no rotaract meeting tonight so i wouldn't get creamed by the rotaractors [to bad sheenie] and I got prezzies!! Here's the list so far:

- cash from mummy
- cash from daddy
- cake from sis
- a doggie thingy with a welcome sign from it from Yi Ping, Sin Yee and Nicholas [it's huge; damn shy man carrying the box around...it couldn't fit into my locker]
- two pink handbags from Tsze, Mabel and V
- a SEED top that Zue (and her mom) got for me
- hugs from ...errrrr...alot of ppl..heheheh
- wishes from alot again
and the one I really really love?
a SMS and a card from Mae all the way from Aussie!!! I love u girl!!

rewind to yesterday:
PM12 [that's my class for blur ppl out there] got me and wai wai[classmate whose bday was on d 5th] a cake~~!!so sweet rite? but then d not so sweet part came...they made us remove d candles wid out teeth...*haihz* and I tought finally one year where i wont kena....

Ms Shoba[my math lecturer and mentor] wished me happy early birthday....and patted me on the head.....it made me feel like a super kawaii neko neko-chan....hehehehehhehehe...

rewind to the day before yesterday[Sunday]:
went for dinner with tsze,mabel,v,sinyee,yiping,bobkurt and affan at Ming Tien. and it rained...heavily...... before we got to order our food. so since oni me n tsze were not wearing shoes, we went 2 order....and came back all clean after our "shower". >.<......oh well, I did have fun laughing away....hehe...


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