Thursday, March 23, 2006

A REAL post

haha...i think Mae would be so jar dou with my last "post". hehehehhehehehehehe!!

ok, for a REAL post:

On the previous Monday, I missed the bus.Again.*grr*. It was a case of me-not-running-fast-enough as usual so I saw the bus pull away from the stop, going further and further from me. Sad case right? Not really my fault as
1) the bus came early, and
2)the bus stops at a further stop now

Yup, the RapidKL bus number 900-B does not stop at the Metropolitan bus stop now, but a tthe Sri KL bus stop which is far, far, faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away. Ok, fine, so I'm streaching the truth abit. So now, I have to rush to the bus stop straight after my classes so I won't have to take a taxi back or wait for another hour for the next bus. Problem is, most of my lecturers love keeping us in for an extra 15 minutes or so.

Ok, back to the story. So on Monday, I missed the bus, together with Wai Kwan(classmate) and Peter(classmate and primary schoolmate) so we ended up taking the Mini Bus to some LRT station which I forgot to take the train back to the KJ station. If you were there with me, you would've seen some really jakun-ing scenes.

Wai Kwan: "oooooooo!! the train's turning!! weeeeeeeee!!! hehehe"
Peter:"Damn the bus's air conditioning's good.....snoooore"
Me:"..." Since when hae I ever acted like a jakun?Don't answer that.Haha.

Yesterday, there was a 'The Apperentice'-ish scene during my Math class. Our lecturer who is also our mentor(kinda like class teacher thingy) 'fired' Peter and elected, of all people, me, to be the class rep instead.Damn.I hate to have to go for LAN classes all the time and actually TALK to Ari(LAN lecturer who everyone hates). Bleh. He'll surely go "oh, so my Datin's the class rep now ah...".Ergh! He can be so irratating at times everytime. Ms.Shoba, my mentor, won't let me get out from ,quote, "such a great post,it'll look good in yer testimonial", unquote. Even though I screwed up my first task if you can call it that.

Since we're starting Statistics on that day, she gave me a booklet to photocopy for the whole class to use as our text book since buying the original book would just be a waste of money. Goody-goody me went to do as she said and even tried to give a copy to everyone before her class. The thing is, some were not in class when I gave the booklets out so I just left the rest under my desk so I would have space to do my work. And I left it there. And forgot about it. Until 3 hours later. Yup. When I went back to look for it, the whole stack wasn't there anymore. Soehow, it disappeared into thin air. I asked the first lecturer who used the room my booklets were in whether she saw it and surprise surprise (not) she didn't. The next class who used the room didn't see it either.Smart me even left my lecturer's copy in the missing stack of booklets so I HAD to tell Ms. Shoba. Luckily, she was fine, happy even, to get a (newer) photocopied copy (it rhymes!) and when she told me she's going to elect me as class rep, I was like "NO!! I'll suck as the class rep!I can't even photocopy stuff without screwing it up!" and her reply? "Nevermind, this is a good lesson...." and then she announced it to the whole class. Bleh.

On another note, I stayed back for a little while on Wed to take some pictures with Drama Club and our soon-to-be-ex Teacher(lecturer?) advisor, Mr Caroll Morrington. As usual, only a handful turned up, who knows where they've gotten lost at for the past, oh, 3 months or so? Oh well, as long as they give me the club money. Here are some of the pics taken:

Mr Caroll chatting with some of us. o, we weren't ready.

Mr Caroll with his 'I'm Donald Duck Trump' pose and Karen? I donno la

Us doing the 'something man' pose while Karen doing God knows what again.

It's supposed to be a relaxed, funny pic, but it didn't turn out that way.

Nuggie!! Karen sacrificed herself.hehehe.she's cool.with her 'thong bunny' craze.


At 24 March, 2006 00:19 , Blogger wen said...

oO. nice pix. haha. karen seems like fun ^.^

especially in the second pic. lol

i like the third pic's caption. haha. "relaxed" *ahem*

u poor thing! kena strangled...muahahaha


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