Monday, March 13, 2006


okie dokie....
If you STILL don't know the reason to the previous post's outburst, this is why.

I only got 5As for SPM when practically my whole class got at LEAST 9As.

Bleh.Feeling horrible now. And stupid too. And ashamed. And guilty.

Horrible becouse please la, who won't feel horrible if they got super sucky results?
Stupid becouse I'm the one with the worst result.
Ashamed becouse of my cacated results can't even be placed beside my siblings'.
Guilt becouse I promised Pn.Hamizan I would get at least A2 for Bio...but I didn't.

Before everyone starts bombarding me with questions about my results, here's the FAQ so far:

A1 x 4: Modern Math, English, EST, and (Pn. Saik would be so proud of me) PHYSICS.

A2 x 1 +1: (Pn Cheng would be proud of me) Additional Math + GCE O-LEVELS English

B3 x 4: BM (Fulamak Cik Asnishah won't believe me man), Moral (sorry Pn Cecilia), Bio (I'm soooooo sorry Pn Hamizan!!)

B4 x 1: History

As you can see, I'm proud of my Physics and Add Math results. Why? Becouse I've never gotten even a credit (that's C and above for old people those who don't know) for them before and here I am, getting As!!!woooot~~~!! As for my BM, well, I've been getting Cs for so long it's a surprise I could get a B3.

But I'm really really ashamed of my Bio and Moral marks. I really tought I could, no WOULD get A1 for Moral and at least A2 for my Bio. Damn.

I'm not that happy with my GCE O-Levels English results. I feel that I've let my English tiution teacher, may his soul rest in peace, down. I'm sorry Mr Teh.Really sorry. (Is there web services in the afterlife??I wonder...)

No surprise for my English, Modern Math and EST results.If I've gotten anything lower then I'll really go kill myself. Or just visit Mrs Tan, my Math tuition teacher and let her drown me in her fish pond or hang me from her coconut tree. God knows how many times she threatened to do that to us edi if we(her students) don't get at LEAST A2.

ok.I'm getting depressed edi. So, to cheer myself up I'll think to myself "well fei, at least you don't have to worry bout being forced to drop Chem or Math in A Levels edi..."

>.<" oh ya, one more thing:



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