Saturday, March 11, 2006

y am i so stressed?

it's 2 days 'til my SPM results will be released so I thought,"hey, let's go out before I get grounded for life" so I starting calling,SMSing and even IMing....the replies i got?
"got driving lesson la", "in Penang la", "lazy la", "going for church", "going wid others edi" and the more popular "......................................".

come on la ppl!! this

is edi saddening enuf la..come on la, 945 is like 0.22% oni man....i'm so not 1 of NOT finding ppl with d mood to go kai kai is even more saddening man....another sad fact in my life??
I con't be going 2 school bright and early on Monday 2 get my results...y?coz my parents forbid, and i mean FORBID me to skip classes even though I've already told them that less than 5 ppl(including me) will be attending class (that's the truth k..) and my lecturers won't be teaching..AT ALL.~~~>.<~~~ bleh....lazy to type edi so I'm gonna end this post with 2 pics taken during Eve's sweet 16 birthday dinner...


muahahahha!!isn't it obvious I got the cake??hehehe


At 11 March, 2006 23:25 , Blogger wen said...

oO...i look hot in that pic. haha. i'm gonna steal it from ure blog


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