Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Ok, can tell the secret edi since comfirm liao.

I am the next treasurer for the Rotaract Club of Subang District 3300.

On another note, anyone interested to cheoragraph a 80's/90's/2000's dance for free? I need the dance moves and dancers themselves for our Installation on the 8th of June.


\/ | \/ |

Since there are people out there who don't know what's shuffling(the dance, not cards),
here's a couple of clips:

One of the promos done.

Smooth footwork, but handwork don't suit the song..

Azmer, Melbourne Shuffle Comp. Malaysia's Champion.

Clearer vid on the footwork. Looks simple but it's hard to be chunted at it.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

I feel old

Ever had someone, especially salespeople, 'mistaking' you for your mom's sister, instead of daughter?

Ever had small kids, or even adults, calling you auntie?

Ever had people ask you to register for a credit card, even though you are under 18?

I had. In each and every single one of those situations.Bleh.

I need better post topics.

Oh ya, there's this going on in college.I actually got the details on Mash before the idiot told me.

To bad tho, only Taylorians can join the competition BUT the event is open to the public.
One thing I odn't get about the flyer : +1 drink but it's a clean event. So what drinks are they gonna give? Ribena? Bleh.

edit: ok.found out edi. Not ribena but some carbonated drink. heheheheh.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Raccoons are cute

Sleeeeepay..... I look like a raccoon.......They're cute. So I'm cute... Bwahahah!! How many people puked ar??

Just came back from a trip up to Genting with my classmates. Fun, but not as fun as the New Year's trip.

We met up at KL Sentral to take the bus up to the Awana Skyway, and there's a package that's blardee cheap!RM 31 for bus (2 ways) + Skyway (2 ways) + Outdoor theme park ticket. The catch? Everything's only valid for one day. So ppl, next time you wanna go up 2 Genting for just a day, go get that package!!

Not much to talk about la the trip, except that I learnt a cute game that I suck in (jellyfish, hippopotamus, crab crab? muahahah!!), played pool WELL for a change, made a conclusion that of all rides in the world, the spinning teacup ride is bomb. Why? coz it's the only ride that can still make you feel nauseous until the next day. Don't believe me, ask Peter or Jo.

One more thing that happened. I was in the paddle boat thingy, playing around with my friends, (paddle boats = bumper cars boats + exercise) when these two guys (who aren't cute, unfortunately) took a pic (who knows, maybe they took more, you know la, me so chun) of me with their Sony Ericsson W800i (I know becouse I love its look). Wierd right? Especially since I don't look like this

but more like this

without the specs.I was wearing my contacts then.

Bwahahahahhahahahahhahah!! But seriously? It's just plain W-I-E-R-D. Or they have bad (or should I say great?) taste. hehe.

Pics (however little was taken) will be posted up when I get it.


Sunday, 16th April, 2006.

Rotaract meeting today, together with a visit from some Rotaractors from North Kowloon, Hong Kong. They're so nice!! Harley was also very nice!! He belanja-ed all of us ie the HK Rotaractors, the other club punya Rotaractors and us Subang Rotaract guests breakfast! Even though is was biasa mamak oni, but we ate damn alot man!! And Agnes and I guessed the bill correctly, right to the sen man!!! fuhyoh!!

And did you know that a game of bowling there can cost up to RM 50-ish? blardee expensive!! Oh yea, and I'm an OFFICIAL Rotaractor now!! weeeeeee!!! but have to start paying the member's fee edi. >.< Bleh. hehe, oh well, money makes the world go round ma. Also, something else happened, but I'm not gonna blog about it yet, shy la if it doesn't happen..hehe. BUUUTTT, this I can tell you. But must show oni can work one. So how? Come look for me la ya, ahhahahaha!! like this la, look for a bird, a mountain and an astronaut on the new RM5 bill, the plastic one. Go, faster! i'll tell you the answer if i can get the a big pic of the bill or get it scanned.

Oh and ya, one more thing. Harley really got me a souvenir from his trip to Taiwan!! Wee!! Tor chea Harley korkor!! ahahahah.. Prolly gonna go for lunch with him and Jo also when my break's over. I wonder whether I can get him to cheng me??ahahahah.

Pics will be posted when Harley finally remembers to tell me the site he uploads all the pics on.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


I have got the writer's blogger's block. I'll leave you with this:

Think 'The Matrix' , Chinese style.

and this:

Firefox rocks!

Friday, April 14, 2006

The good old days

Haihz, the good old days of 5 Jati, when all was together, free, and sampat.

Our 'theme song' ?? Who knows. Comon, sing with me! Maiya hee, maiya hoo, maiya ha, maiya haha!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006



me Tarzan angry, me broke, me tired, me pissed, me feel fat, me feel left out, me full, me wanna go SAMfest, me miss booze.

Me angry at PM12 coz all but a few ppl ffk us.
Me broke coz spent RM100.
Me tired coz bus took 1 hour from Sunway to Kelana Jaya.
Me pissed coz mom screamed at me for not knowing STPM requirements(hello,I'm doing CAL?)
Me feel fat coz me body 1 size too big for 2 tops I really wanna get!
Me feel left out coz 3 ppl ffked us to go to 1U, my first choice.
Me full coz just ate dinner. =p~~
Me wanna go SAMfest coz....coz....Suyan going?ahahahahha..I donno...just wanna go..
Me miss booze coz me no drink more than 2 glasses of wine for more than 2 years.

Me toking like, erm, mee?

Me gone loco.

Friday, April 07, 2006

shocking news!

'I AM WRITING to express my concern about the extra curricular activities that our children participate in.

About a month ago, my 13-year-old son went to an “International Understanding Day” organised by the
interact club of a school in Ipoh.

I was told there would be Rotarians supervising the students, which was why I allowed my son to go.

Imagine my shock when my son told me
there was a French-kissing competition. I was told that boys and girls, as young as 13, were encourage to kiss a partner as passionately as they could.

I am worried that the young will be induced into thinking that it is acceptable to show such display of emotion in school and in public.

In my humble opinion, there should be a guideline as to what conduct and activities should be allowed and organisers should know where to draw the line.


The Star, 27th March, 2006

what the heck? If that really happened, that certain Interact club is giving the rest of us such a bad name. For one thing, we Interactors are supposed to be model students, not rule breakers. The reason we became Interactors was to help the community to improve itself, hence the motto 'Service Above Self', instead of 'Dummy's Guide to French Kissing'. Thank goodness someone from Rotary came across the article, so, this got published.

'WE refer to the letter, "Set guides on types of activities permitted" (The Star, March 27).

District Governor Dr Ken Khoo of Rotary International District 3300 is investigating all the Rotary Clubs in Ipoh to find out which Interact Club carried out the event mentioned by Concerned Mum.

So far, the Rotary Club of Ipoh and Rotary Club of Kinta, which together sponsored six Interact Clubs in the Ipoh area, have reported that none of the clubs under their care have anything to do with this event.

While we are investigating, I would be most grateful if
Concerned Mum could let us have, through our website www.rotary3300.org.my, the name of the school and the details of the alleged misdeed. (Dear Concerned mum, please do!)

School interact clubs are normally sanctioned by a Rotary Club in the vicinity and their objectives are to:

# RECOGNISE and develop constructive responsibility and personal integrity;

# ENCOURAGE and practise thoughtfulness and helpfulness to others;

# CREATE an awareness of the importance of home and family;

# BUILD respect for the rights of others, based on recognition of the worth of each individual;

# EMPHASISE the acceptance of individual responsibility as the basis of personal success, community improvement, and group achievement;

# RECOGNISE the dignity and value of all useful occupations and opportunities to serve society;

# PROVIDE opportunities for gaining increased knowledge and understanding of community, national and world affairs; and,

# OPEN avenues of personal and group action leading to advancement of international understanding and goodwill towards all peoples.

An Interact club is organised, sponsored and supervised by a Rotary Club or clubs and is established following the endorsement of the governor upon certification and recognition of Rotary International.

Where the Interact Club is school-connected, control and supervision of the sponsoring Rotary Club shall be exercised
in full cooperation with the school authorities.

Teacher advisers are appointed by the schools and a Rotarian adviser will work around the school-based activities of the Interact club.

Most projects are organised in the school compound and thus should be
governed by the regulations of the school authorities.

Most Interactors in Malaysian schools are over the age of 13. We believe the schools would not allow
any form of kissing and the one Concerned Mum described is definitely out of line and over the limit.

To this end, we will have to take the matter raised by her with the respective teacher advisers, seek the truth and discuss further steps to be taken for this indiscipline.

We will keep Concerned Mum posted and would like to assure her that alongside her are 3,000 other Rotarians in Malaysia and Singapore who are also concerned.


District General Secretary,

Rotary International District 3300, Kuala Lumpur. '

The Star, 7th April,2006.

I hope Concerned Mum read the article and will help Rotary District 3300 take action against this indisipline.

Bwahahaha. I sound like a tamer version of Siva man.

Kim Gary's cheeeeeese baked rice


wahahahhahaha....everybody's birthday falls on a 7th...hehe, well almost everybody la.

After classes today, Shams, Yuan and Yours truly went to Pyramid for birthday boy's birthday lunch. At KimGary's. Weeee!! After at least 3 years, I get to eat their Cheese Baked Rice again!!

We didn't take any pics while we were there, so I stole this from the net. Cheese Baked Rice!!

All three of us ate the same thing, but just with different meats; I took the fish (bleh. not that nice), Shams the chicken and Yuan took the szechuan style pork. Hehe, I guess I was ranting on how good it was too much. Only then did I find out how much Yuan can eat. He ate lunch BEFORE KimGary's but he could still finish the whole cheese rice thing!! I haven't eaten the whole day oso I could hardly finish mine. Yuan, I bow down to you man. How you stay so skinny one r??

After lunch, we had some time to kill so we went bowling!!!!! heheheheh...It was my first time, so I had a lot of fun, even though my ball went into the drain more than 10 times during that one, yea ONE game.. hehehe. To make me feel even more sucky in bowling right, the Malaysian Bowling team was practicing just a lane away!! I think they didn't want anyone to bounce their ball into their lane accidently coz the lane between our's and their's were empty. Hehe, Stef, lucky you weren't there....if not r, your special bouncing-ball technique sure help them score more strikes one!!!

Yuan wasn't giving face man, he scored two or three strikes!! Bleh!! Oh well, I might have lost but at least I got more than half of Shams marks right?? First time playing you know...ahahha.

We left after that, but on the way out, we bumped into I-forgot-his-name and friends, and also three of my classmates with their friends. Shoutout to Pauline, Abby and Dan!!! Have fun in Aussie ya Dan?? Remember to bring stuff back for me!!! ahahahhahaha...

By the time we remembered to take pics, we were already in the cab nearing our stop. We had only time for one shot but the most important person for the day, Shams, got his face cut off halfway.heheheh. Will post the pic when I get it from Yuan. Had just enough time to take one more pic before Yuan's mom came to pick them up and yay! got it! heheheheh. Again, I'm waiting for Yuan to pass me the pics.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


If you are a friend of Mae, and reads her blog, you would have come across this paragraph in one of her posts:

"- One parasite that really awed me is one the size of half ur little finger.
It a dunnowatpod, with 10 legs and it attaches itself to the fish's tongue, sucking
the blood until the fish tongue is so small, then it BECOMES the fish tongue and
eat all the fish food . CHUN OR NOT! Now that is wut i call AH-MAY-ZING!"

Well, I felt curious on what actually is the 'donnowhatpod' so i Googled it and this was the results.

The 'donnowhatpod', aka tongue louse,Cymothoa exigua.(Eh, I can still remember my Bio rules 1..ehheheheheh)

An enlarged pic of the parasite, outside it's victim.

A pic on how it lodges itself in it's host's mouth.

The louse, 'consumes a fish's tongue and replaces it with itself. Cymothoa exigua was discovered inside the mouth of a red snapper bought from a London market. The louse had grabbed ahold of the tongue and slowly eaten it away until only a stub was left. It then latched onto the stub and became the fish's tongue - getting a free meal after having fed on the tongue artery while it ate away'.

'Found attached to Lutjanus guttatus (a red or rose-spotted snapper, depending who you read), the parasite poses no danger to humans'.

'It enters through the fish's gills and uses claws to attach itself to the base of the snapper's tongue and survives by drinking blood from an artery. Once the tongue has been gotten rid of, it attaches itself as a new tongue, and manipulate's the fish's food and consumes the free food particles as the fish eats. Again, there is some confusion on what exactly happens: whether the louse eats the tongue, or simply causes it to atrophy due to blood loss, but the net effect is the same: the louse becomes the new tongue'.

Gross? I think it's quite cool. At least it isn't like the tapeworm that reproduces INSIDE it's host.
Imagine something *ahem*-ing inside your gut. bleh.

Want more info? Then click here or here