Sunday, April 23, 2006

I feel old

Ever had someone, especially salespeople, 'mistaking' you for your mom's sister, instead of daughter?

Ever had small kids, or even adults, calling you auntie?

Ever had people ask you to register for a credit card, even though you are under 18?

I had. In each and every single one of those situations.Bleh.

I need better post topics.

Oh ya, there's this going on in college.I actually got the details on Mash before the idiot told me.

To bad tho, only Taylorians can join the competition BUT the event is open to the public.
One thing I odn't get about the flyer : +1 drink but it's a clean event. So what drinks are they gonna give? Ribena? Bleh.

edit: ok.found out edi. Not ribena but some carbonated drink. heheheheh.


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