Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Raccoons are cute

Sleeeeepay..... I look like a raccoon.......They're cute. So I'm cute... Bwahahah!! How many people puked ar??

Just came back from a trip up to Genting with my classmates. Fun, but not as fun as the New Year's trip.

We met up at KL Sentral to take the bus up to the Awana Skyway, and there's a package that's blardee cheap!RM 31 for bus (2 ways) + Skyway (2 ways) + Outdoor theme park ticket. The catch? Everything's only valid for one day. So ppl, next time you wanna go up 2 Genting for just a day, go get that package!!

Not much to talk about la the trip, except that I learnt a cute game that I suck in (jellyfish, hippopotamus, crab crab? muahahah!!), played pool WELL for a change, made a conclusion that of all rides in the world, the spinning teacup ride is bomb. Why? coz it's the only ride that can still make you feel nauseous until the next day. Don't believe me, ask Peter or Jo.

One more thing that happened. I was in the paddle boat thingy, playing around with my friends, (paddle boats = bumper cars boats + exercise) when these two guys (who aren't cute, unfortunately) took a pic (who knows, maybe they took more, you know la, me so chun) of me with their Sony Ericsson W800i (I know becouse I love its look). Wierd right? Especially since I don't look like this

but more like this

without the specs.I was wearing my contacts then.

Bwahahahahhahahahahhahah!! But seriously? It's just plain W-I-E-R-D. Or they have bad (or should I say great?) taste. hehe.

Pics (however little was taken) will be posted up when I get it.


Sunday, 16th April, 2006.

Rotaract meeting today, together with a visit from some Rotaractors from North Kowloon, Hong Kong. They're so nice!! Harley was also very nice!! He belanja-ed all of us ie the HK Rotaractors, the other club punya Rotaractors and us Subang Rotaract guests breakfast! Even though is was biasa mamak oni, but we ate damn alot man!! And Agnes and I guessed the bill correctly, right to the sen man!!! fuhyoh!!

And did you know that a game of bowling there can cost up to RM 50-ish? blardee expensive!! Oh yea, and I'm an OFFICIAL Rotaractor now!! weeeeeee!!! but have to start paying the member's fee edi. >.< Bleh. hehe, oh well, money makes the world go round ma. Also, something else happened, but I'm not gonna blog about it yet, shy la if it doesn't happen..hehe. BUUUTTT, this I can tell you. But must show oni can work one. So how? Come look for me la ya, ahhahahaha!! like this la, look for a bird, a mountain and an astronaut on the new RM5 bill, the plastic one. Go, faster! i'll tell you the answer if i can get the a big pic of the bill or get it scanned.

Oh and ya, one more thing. Harley really got me a souvenir from his trip to Taiwan!! Wee!! Tor chea Harley korkor!! ahahahah.. Prolly gonna go for lunch with him and Jo also when my break's over. I wonder whether I can get him to cheng me??ahahahah.

Pics will be posted when Harley finally remembers to tell me the site he uploads all the pics on.


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