Wednesday, April 12, 2006



me Tarzan angry, me broke, me tired, me pissed, me feel fat, me feel left out, me full, me wanna go SAMfest, me miss booze.

Me angry at PM12 coz all but a few ppl ffk us.
Me broke coz spent RM100.
Me tired coz bus took 1 hour from Sunway to Kelana Jaya.
Me pissed coz mom screamed at me for not knowing STPM requirements(hello,I'm doing CAL?)
Me feel fat coz me body 1 size too big for 2 tops I really wanna get!
Me feel left out coz 3 ppl ffked us to go to 1U, my first choice.
Me full coz just ate dinner. =p~~
Me wanna go SAMfest coz....coz....Suyan going?ahahahahha..I donno...just wanna go..
Me miss booze coz me no drink more than 2 glasses of wine for more than 2 years.

Me toking like, erm, mee?

Me gone loco.


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