Monday, May 29, 2006

Food, Glorious Food!



I can't wait!
Mummy, fly car!!!
But don't crash r!!, how to make r? Damn. Nvm. Riceballs!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Saturday, May 27, 2006

It;s hard being unique


If I include Mae and Ty's friends, a total of THREE other total strangers are using the same template that I'm using, except mine's orange.
And I customised mine more.
And my letters aren't all squashed up.
And I edited the pic a little bit.
And, and, that's it, really.

See, the differences aren't enough! I know, I know, my taste rock that's why so many people have the same template as me but still!!!!! I would go searching the www more but it can get so boring and frustrating. Not to mention my exams are coming in like, a week? blahhhhhhhhh!!

Why not make my own you say, so people can't use mine. Weeelllll, I know next to nothing about html; I don't have chunted pic templates in my adobe;I'm not creative enough to make a template that I love; I'm a lazy ass little piggy.Enough?

Would someone buy me a digital camera? Please? Pretty please with cherries and melted chocolate and sprinkles and a wafer on top? Then I can take pics of anything/everything, edit it to my liking and start selling it to make money. Or blow it up and hang it in my room. Or give it away as presents since I'm so cheap generous. It may be worth millions, even billions one day kay? So don't paly play..just wait 'til I die, sure the value go up one. =D Hmm, smiley's not big enough. Wait.

There. The baby's smile is about how big I'm smiling now. especially after I asw this pic. Isn't he just adorable???weee!! Btw, I googled this pic and it't actually from the Henrichsens' family blog, though I only came across mummy's posts. Damn their family seem so fun.

I wanna stay at a four season country for at least two years!! The main reason? I wan't better skin. The second reason? I wanna play with snow!!! sobs. Eighteen years has gone by and the coldest I've ever been was when I went to Genting. Sad, isn't it? Mae, I wanna visit you now!!!! (and screw my exams!)

Friday, May 26, 2006


There's a boy in my mind and he knows I'm thinking of him
All my way through the day and the night the stars shine above me.
He's been gone for some time but I know I truly love him.
And I'm singing a song, hoping he'll be back when he hears it.

My heart goes shalala lala, shalala in the morning,
Oh oh oh
Shalala lala, shalala in the sunshine.
Shalala lala, shalala lala in the evening.
Shalala lala shalala lala just for you.

If your love's gone away just like mine you feel like crying.
Sing along maybe once maybe twice, let's try it together.
Some sweet day no one knows he'll return and you'll be happy.
Shout it sweet in a song, listen to your heart it is singin'

My heart goes shalala lala, shalala in the morning.
Oh oh oh shalala lala, shalala in the sunshine.
Shalala lala, shalala lala in the evening.
Shalala lala shalala lala just for you.

If your love's gone away just like mine you feel like crying.
Sing along maybe once maybe twice, let's try it together.
Some sweet day no one knows he'll return and you'll be happy.
Shout it sweet in a song, listen to your heart it is singing.

My heart goes shalala lala, shalala in the morning.
Oh oh oh shalala lala, shalala in the sunshine.
Shalala lala, shalala lala in the evening.
Shalala lala shalala lala just for you.

My classmates got me addicted.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

SAT nightmare

Wah, so long din update edi..beginning to be like ChiaChia liao. ahahahahah...

Bleh. Exams are coming up, the week after next to be exact. Gonna go study and end up sleeping soon .....

Anyone interested to take the SATs? Kinokuniya is having a promo for the SAT study guide.

One for RM 80 plus, buto if you buy two then it's only RM60-ish. I'm looking for someone to buy a book with me so we can both go shopping at KLCC save money. It has 8 practice tests with answers so can erm, practice? And if you photocopy the answer sheets separately, you can keep the book all nice and clean and sell it to others for RM50 ish or so.

One another topic, I'm cheoragraphing a shadow dance thingy for my installation in July. The idea is something like shadow puppets, but instead of puppets shaking their skinny wooden asses, it's gonna be people shaking their jiggly asses. I was thinking of superimposing all the shadows so it will seem as if only one person is dancing, then I can do the 8 handed person thing. Any ideas on what moves would look nice? And I tought up some moves already, but they need fans. Anyone know where to buy SUPER cheap fans? The foldable type mind you.

One last thing, BLOODY EXAMS!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

South Park-ified me.

If I was a South Park character, I want to look like this:

Here's the link to South Park-ify yourself. Make yourself as cute (but not more, it's impossible!) as me. lol!

Cintailah Bahasa Malaysia

Aihhh....dah pukul 2 lebih pagi dah ni...I nak tidor punye, pi tak lelap pule....ish...badan dah relak habis hingga macam agar-agar, mata pun nak tutup aje, tapi minda I ni aktif sangat. Ish. Pelik jugak karang, blog guna BM pulak. Bukan BM betul betul punye pulak, pi yang ade slang tu punye...hehehe, bisa dah gak..

Karang, ade mood nak blog, tapi takde isi pulak...ish ish ish, ngape la aku ni..bila nak blog, takde idea, bila ade idea, takde mood..tak syiok la ni...bleh...

Kat kolej belakangan ni banyak free punye barang; Rabu ade free BigMac, Khamis ade lagi, semalam ade free Redbull...hehehe...jimat duit aku...=P kene pi shopping dah, kena beli jeans baru, baju baru, kasut baru, kepala baru tapi duit tinggal sikkkkit saje karang..kena pi diet dah, dapat jimat duit dan kurang berat badan pulak...hehehehehhe! macam I boleh la..Hobbi #1 I can makan....hehehe..#2 tidur....#3, makan sambil tidur (boleh ke?)..hahaha..

Boring la ni...takde topik nak cakap....saje nak letak post baru, nanti peminat-peminat I yang berjuta-juta beribu-ribu beratus-ratus berpuluh-puluh bersa-sa semua hilang...bwehehehehe!! macam me'ke boleh jauh kan diri dari I.

Ok, boleh henti muntah darah dah, takut nanti kena masuk hospital pulak. Jangan sue I tau, bukan salah aku you muntah, you sendiri nak baca..XP

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Ok, this is for Mae.

Sorry la, nothing interesting happened (that I can remember) for the past, oh, week or so?
No mood to blog somore. Point form la k?

1)Went back to Pangkor
2)Sis fell badly just before we went to Pangkor
3)Sis fell the day before we went to Pangkor
4)Exams coming soon
5)I'm broke
6)I'm broke so I probably won't join the Toastmaster's Club
7)The class owes me RM80
8)The class owes me RM80 so I do't heve money to reload my TouchNGo card

OOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooo!! The TouchNGo word reminded a joke I heard when it's service just started. It's supposed to be a real story, but who knows la...

To non-Malaysians, the TouchNGo card is a sort of prepaid card that can be used to pay for toll fees, parking, bus fare and so on. You have to preload certain amounts and touch the card to a reader to use it.

The story goes.....
A car pulls up to a toll booth with the sign 'TOUCHNGO SAHAJA' (TouchNGo Only) about it. The driver winds down the window, sticks his hand out and touches the reader.....with his BARE HAND.

Stopped laughing yet? Haven r??



Stop edi? kay. hehehehe...funny leh.....

Back to post:

Gonna promote this project from WhatWhat. They rock.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Save lives. Donate blood.

Some time ago in April (forgive my bad memory la....I'm 18 edi, what to expect la??Old edi la..) the Rotaract Club of Taylor's College had a blood donation drive. Since I know a lot of the main BOD plus many underlings, I got pestered and reminded EVERYDAY to go donate. So I went. It doesn't hurt, seriously. The worst you'll feel is when they prick your finger to test your blood becouse they do give anaesthetic before bagging your blood.

Don't believe me when I say it doesn't hurt?

Look at that gorgeous face, that gorgeous smile. Does it look like that gorgeous person is in pain? I think not!

The whole process takes about an hour, just becouse you need to wait around alot. Wait to test your blood, wait to fill your particulars, wait to drain blood from your body, wait to be able to stand WITHOUT falling over, wait for friends, wait for....err....wait for a leng chai to pick you up when you DO

Come on people! Donate your blood! Save lives! And ladies, donating blood can actually help in reducing weight! No joke! My bio lecturer say one and I believe her coz she VERY the VERY slim one and she donates blood at least twice a year!! Gambatte ppl! get Your guts up, FASTER!!

edit: (read comments section) the Wilson in question is this guy, the one standing next to me:

Thursday, May 04, 2006

stupid x bar

Here's a challange for's readers.

Create the mean symbol (the x-bar) for me to use in Microsoft Excel, Words and Powerpoint by the end of this week.

The first person to do it gets RM5 from me. Seriously. If I'm not broke my the end of the week, I'll probably up it to RM 10.

You the man/woman! Come on, free money weh..!

For those who are blur on what symbol it is, it's this symbol:

Oh and one more thing...the rm5 goes to ...... ME!
Yes, that's right, me, coz I'm the first one to solve my problem. So there.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Unanswered questions

Someone tell me how I should feel,
To feel disappointed, angry, betrayed?
Or tickled or worried or more?
Should I just keep a blank face on
everytime everytime everytime...?
Whatever situation, place or time?

Life's never straight forward,
but full of twists and turns,
It possibly has a single face,
but hidden under layers,
a layer of deceit,
a layer of false friendships,
a layer of fear.

How many must we peel off
to get to the most important
the truths, the trust, the friendships,
the care?

How should we do it?
Gentle persuasion, light prodding?
Or the more popular,
by stinging remarks, tempers flaring?

To feel like screaming, hitting and biting,
every day, night and more.
Is it normal? Shouldn't it be?
With all the weight of the world
resting on your shoulders;
a lone human, a lone being, a lone mind,
it's a surprise nothing snaps.

We are human;
we have minds to think with,
hearts to feel with,
eyes to see,
ears to hear.
But how much of it is used to
think good thoughts,
to feel good about life,
to see happiness on innocent faces,
to hear good news about the world?

Questions are asked everyday,
their answers to be found around us,
but I still have one unanswered question:
Should I just keep a blank face on
everytime everytime everytime...?



Me and Harley when I got 'initiated'....sounds cult-ish..hehe

Rotaractors from Rotaract Club of Kowloon North-West.

Rotaractors From Rotoract Subang, Kowloon NW and Sunway I think.

Fellowship lunch after our meeting at Marco's Pizza. Delish, but don't order their 'Marco's Pizza'. Sucky.

She looks so kawaii here!!

Cream cake Before...

Cream cake after.

The best long ngan sui aka air mata kuching in KL.

Mae's fav food, nasi lemak. Mae, drooling yet??

Some pizza from Marco's...yum~! delish!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

She's a Fstarstarking bstarstarstarh

There's someone I see often, who isn't my inferior other half. Let's call her, oh, i donno, A?Fine, A.

Case 1:
Last week (I think), she started fat hau-ing. Hey, that's fine by me. What's not so fine? She doesn't (or wouldn't) care less about giving free shows. Yep, she goes around parading practically shouting 'Hey, Rape Me!! Yea, ME!!'.
Example 1:
A asked a friend (let's call her Q) to go to a shopping mall. Q agrees since she's bored. Q regretted. Why? A was that close *pinches fingers together* to teaching all the small kids around how to walk like a hooker.

Case 2:
She backstabs the sweetest people (Me included...bwahahahah<--Bleach style mind you). Example 2: She actually discussed how 'ugly' another classmate,YS, looks. She even asked YS's best friend to 'try to change her' (in her own words yar).

Point one, she doesn't look that hot either.pffffbt, I think I look hotter that her.No joke.XD

Point two, she's short, has a MAJOR overbite(and she dare say her dentist thinks her teeth's perfect), and is so flat the roundest ball won't roll off her chest if she's lying down. Edmund has bigger boobs than her but yet, she still tries to 'create' cleavage (the squeeze-arms-together trick girls).

Case 3:
Her kiasu-ism can beat the worst China/SingaporeanChinese. In ALL aspects.
Example 3:
A: *sigh*My dad lost more than RM1xxxxxxxxxxx from the '98 crisis, and my bro's studying overseas money lo my family.
Me: Oh(The Oh as in ok,wtv, Oh instead of the Aww, so cham r? Oh)
A: Yalo, so sad right? Even the skirt I'm wearing now was passed down.
Me: ..... *So what? can wear mai ok ed lo...donno whether can even believe about the dad one
A: Eh Q, you have a condo or not ah?
Q: Got.*what does that have to do with you?*
A: You also got r? I also have one~~How many do you have?
Q :Four. *starts to get irratated*
A: WAHHHHHHH..four so many r? where? Mine's in {insert location}
Q: Three in {insert chunted location},one in {insert better location}
A: ......
Q: *Finally!*
It's her PARENTS' condo(and it's just a condo, not landed property somore), her DAD's money, and in other situations, her FRIEND's car and her BROTHER's brain.

Two words from me here. Beh Tahan.

Case 4:
She's the biggest cheat in class.
Example 4:
Discussions between A and B DURING class tests, no matter Bio, Chem, Math or even Econs, the easiest subject (well, supposed to be easy la..I still suck at it).

But even with all her 'efforts', she still can't get the highest marks. Hah! Serves her right.

Case 5:
She thinks her ex-classmates love her. Yea right. They hated her. Trust me, my people know people. Hehe, sounds like Thinking Skills man.

Example 5:
She says her classmates are kiasu when they are lazy to go to school the week before exams. Payback? They say SHE's kiasu when SHE doesn't come for classes before exams.

Case 6:
She's a hypocrite.
Example 6:
A: This V right, so serious and kiasu one la..I can't stand this kind of people.
*Later in the day/week/month/year even maybe*
Anyone: Eh, A, where are you going for lunch?
A: I'm not going la, I want to study in the library.

Case 7:
She treats people as if they owe her their lives.
Example 7:
A: Eh T, fetch me home ah today.
T stays in a totally different area that is BEFORE Y's place.
A: Q, fetch me home today.
Q: *Shit!* Err, cannot la, I didn't drive to college today.
A: But I saw you driving here this morning?
Q: *shit shit shit!* Err, my brother drove it back home?
A: Oh, ok.
Q: *phewwwwww*

Case(s) closed, points sent across. I really dislike A. Q (and family) really dislikes A. The whole bloody world would probably hate her, if they knew her. [Removed upon request]


edit: Damn, can I work when I'm angry and I need someone to teach me how to be two faced enough and thick skinned enough to face the world.

edit (again after almost 3 months: This post has been edited from a request from A. Yea, she read it. She says some aren't true but I trust another friend more who said it's true. And some things I heard with my own two ears.

P/S: To anyone who is reading this, it's a freaking old topic la, even I oso sien about this topic edi k..
P/P/S: So I'm NOT the only one. I would never expect to be commended on this post. But I was. By many. Hah.)

Monday, May 01, 2006



and Happy Labour Day!

okie dokie~~
I FINALLY got the pics we took during the previous Genting trip, however little we took..hehe..


I was too slow.

That's the birthday girl! My first time.....on that boat thingy la, not having sex la.

He looks strong, but *sigh* looks can be decieving man.

*rawr* Pic says everything man.

Kevin looks so, so, Kevin.

Staring into another person's eyes works in NOT getting dizzy.

I look so innocent here....NOT.

Didn't turn out the way i thought it would.

He sat down, stood up, then sat back down again.

One out of one group photo.

The rest of the photos are here, for the 8 ones.