Saturday, May 27, 2006

It;s hard being unique


If I include Mae and Ty's friends, a total of THREE other total strangers are using the same template that I'm using, except mine's orange.
And I customised mine more.
And my letters aren't all squashed up.
And I edited the pic a little bit.
And, and, that's it, really.

See, the differences aren't enough! I know, I know, my taste rock that's why so many people have the same template as me but still!!!!! I would go searching the www more but it can get so boring and frustrating. Not to mention my exams are coming in like, a week? blahhhhhhhhh!!

Why not make my own you say, so people can't use mine. Weeelllll, I know next to nothing about html; I don't have chunted pic templates in my adobe;I'm not creative enough to make a template that I love; I'm a lazy ass little piggy.Enough?

Would someone buy me a digital camera? Please? Pretty please with cherries and melted chocolate and sprinkles and a wafer on top? Then I can take pics of anything/everything, edit it to my liking and start selling it to make money. Or blow it up and hang it in my room. Or give it away as presents since I'm so cheap generous. It may be worth millions, even billions one day kay? So don't paly play..just wait 'til I die, sure the value go up one. =D Hmm, smiley's not big enough. Wait.

There. The baby's smile is about how big I'm smiling now. especially after I asw this pic. Isn't he just adorable???weee!! Btw, I googled this pic and it't actually from the Henrichsens' family blog, though I only came across mummy's posts. Damn their family seem so fun.

I wanna stay at a four season country for at least two years!! The main reason? I wan't better skin. The second reason? I wanna play with snow!!! sobs. Eighteen years has gone by and the coldest I've ever been was when I went to Genting. Sad, isn't it? Mae, I wanna visit you now!!!! (and screw my exams!)


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