Thursday, May 25, 2006

SAT nightmare

Wah, so long din update edi..beginning to be like ChiaChia liao. ahahahahah...

Bleh. Exams are coming up, the week after next to be exact. Gonna go study and end up sleeping soon .....

Anyone interested to take the SATs? Kinokuniya is having a promo for the SAT study guide.

One for RM 80 plus, buto if you buy two then it's only RM60-ish. I'm looking for someone to buy a book with me so we can both go shopping at KLCC save money. It has 8 practice tests with answers so can erm, practice? And if you photocopy the answer sheets separately, you can keep the book all nice and clean and sell it to others for RM50 ish or so.

One another topic, I'm cheoragraphing a shadow dance thingy for my installation in July. The idea is something like shadow puppets, but instead of puppets shaking their skinny wooden asses, it's gonna be people shaking their jiggly asses. I was thinking of superimposing all the shadows so it will seem as if only one person is dancing, then I can do the 8 handed person thing. Any ideas on what moves would look nice? And I tought up some moves already, but they need fans. Anyone know where to buy SUPER cheap fans? The foldable type mind you.

One last thing, BLOODY EXAMS!


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