Monday, May 08, 2006

Save lives. Donate blood.

Some time ago in April (forgive my bad memory la....I'm 18 edi, what to expect la??Old edi la..) the Rotaract Club of Taylor's College had a blood donation drive. Since I know a lot of the main BOD plus many underlings, I got pestered and reminded EVERYDAY to go donate. So I went. It doesn't hurt, seriously. The worst you'll feel is when they prick your finger to test your blood becouse they do give anaesthetic before bagging your blood.

Don't believe me when I say it doesn't hurt?

Look at that gorgeous face, that gorgeous smile. Does it look like that gorgeous person is in pain? I think not!

The whole process takes about an hour, just becouse you need to wait around alot. Wait to test your blood, wait to fill your particulars, wait to drain blood from your body, wait to be able to stand WITHOUT falling over, wait for friends, wait for....err....wait for a leng chai to pick you up when you DO

Come on people! Donate your blood! Save lives! And ladies, donating blood can actually help in reducing weight! No joke! My bio lecturer say one and I believe her coz she VERY the VERY slim one and she donates blood at least twice a year!! Gambatte ppl! get Your guts up, FASTER!!

edit: (read comments section) the Wilson in question is this guy, the one standing next to me:


At 10 May, 2006 20:34 , Blogger wen said...

i spoke to you!! i did! i did!

muahahhaa.which reminds me...i'm supposed to call you..hmm. in like 30 min la. nitez!

At 15 May, 2006 18:22 , Blogger Nimalan D said...

hey i see u donated blood conrats.wanted to for dj's interact wan but stupid pl dun let.say just pierce ear can' you more keng la k...but now to the point, i see u donating blood but where's the gorgeous person (i'm so dead).

At 15 May, 2006 20:20 , Blogger e-Fei said...

2b pencil: right in front of you

At 16 May, 2006 16:58 , Blogger eph3meral said...

hahahah thx babe for da support =P lucky la u =P i filled in the form already then only they say underaged...! Wilson was sooo sooo afraid of donating..yea he's a big fat chicken =P

oh yea...after all that blabbering ...

juneee here =P

At 16 May, 2006 21:14 , Blogger e-Fei said...

juneyyyyyyyyy!!! ahahaha..i din expect you'll be here!!

At 20 May, 2006 18:25 , Anonymous wilson said...

i m underage also lar like u june... chicken out it seems.. until today havent dye hair.. who more chicken? wahaaaha


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