Tuesday, May 02, 2006

She's a Fstarstarking bstarstarstarh

There's someone I see often, who isn't my inferior other half. Let's call her, oh, i donno, A?Fine, A.

Case 1:
Last week (I think), she started fat hau-ing. Hey, that's fine by me. What's not so fine? She doesn't (or wouldn't) care less about giving free shows. Yep, she goes around parading practically shouting 'Hey, Rape Me!! Yea, ME!!'.
Example 1:
A asked a friend (let's call her Q) to go to a shopping mall. Q agrees since she's bored. Q regretted. Why? A was that close *pinches fingers together* to teaching all the small kids around how to walk like a hooker.

Case 2:
She backstabs the sweetest people (Me included...bwahahahah<--Bleach style mind you). Example 2: She actually discussed how 'ugly' another classmate,YS, looks. She even asked YS's best friend to 'try to change her' (in her own words yar).

Point one, she doesn't look that hot either.pffffbt, I think I look hotter that her.No joke.XD

Point two, she's short, has a MAJOR overbite(and she dare say her dentist thinks her teeth's perfect), and is so flat the roundest ball won't roll off her chest if she's lying down. Edmund has bigger boobs than her but yet, she still tries to 'create' cleavage (the squeeze-arms-together trick girls).

Case 3:
Her kiasu-ism can beat the worst China/SingaporeanChinese. In ALL aspects.
Example 3:
A: *sigh*My dad lost more than RM1xxxxxxxxxxx from the '98 crisis, and my bro's studying overseas somore....no money lo my family.
Me: Oh(The Oh as in ok,wtv, Oh instead of the Aww, so cham r? Oh)
A: Yalo, so sad right? Even the skirt I'm wearing now was passed down.
Me: ..... *So what? can wear mai ok ed lo...donno whether can even believe about the dad one
A: Eh Q, you have a condo or not ah?
Q: Got.*what does that have to do with you?*
A: You also got r? I also have one~~How many do you have?
Q :Four. *starts to get irratated*
A: WAHHHHHHH..four so many r? where? Mine's in {insert location}
Q: Three in {insert chunted location},one in {insert better location}
A: ......
Q: *Finally!*
It's her PARENTS' condo(and it's just a condo, not landed property somore), her DAD's money, and in other situations, her FRIEND's car and her BROTHER's brain.

Two words from me here. Beh Tahan.

Case 4:
She's the biggest cheat in class.
Example 4:
Discussions between A and B DURING class tests, no matter Bio, Chem, Math or even Econs, the easiest subject (well, supposed to be easy la..I still suck at it).

But even with all her 'efforts', she still can't get the highest marks. Hah! Serves her right.

Case 5:
She thinks her ex-classmates love her. Yea right. They hated her. Trust me, my people know people. Hehe, sounds like Thinking Skills man.

Example 5:
She says her classmates are kiasu when they are lazy to go to school the week before exams. Payback? They say SHE's kiasu when SHE doesn't come for classes before exams.

Case 6:
She's a hypocrite.
Example 6:
A: This V right, so serious and kiasu one la..I can't stand this kind of people.
*Later in the day/week/month/year even maybe*
Anyone: Eh, A, where are you going for lunch?
A: I'm not going la, I want to study in the library.

Case 7:
She treats people as if they owe her their lives.
Example 7:
A: Eh T, fetch me home ah today.
T stays in a totally different area that is BEFORE Y's place.
A: Q, fetch me home today.
Q: *Shit!* Err, cannot la, I didn't drive to college today.
A: But I saw you driving here this morning?
Q: *shit shit shit!* Err, my brother drove it back home?
A: Oh, ok.
Q: *phewwwwww*

Case(s) closed, points sent across. I really dislike A. Q (and family) really dislikes A. The whole bloody world would probably hate her, if they knew her. [Removed upon request]


edit: Damn, can I work when I'm angry and I need someone to teach me how to be two faced enough and thick skinned enough to face the world.

edit (again after almost 3 months: This post has been edited from a request from A. Yea, she read it. She says some aren't true but I trust another friend more who said it's true. And some things I heard with my own two ears.

P/S: To anyone who is reading this, it's a freaking old topic la, even I oso sien about this topic edi k..
P/P/S: So I'm NOT the only one. I would never expect to be commended on this post. But I was. By many. Hah.)


At 02 May, 2006 21:50 , Blogger MaE : ) said...

hahah feiiii!
u need to meet ppl liddat to love your little darlings more mah (Eg. us ppl)

At 02 May, 2006 22:51 , Blogger chia wen said...

det is one bitch man!

i think i would tell her off if i knew her.
well.. u know me laa..
i cant stand hating someone without letting them knoe it.
they have to knoe it, somehow..

At 15 May, 2006 18:19 , Blogger Nimalan D said...

hey.erm yea kinda damn obvious who it is la.btw is the 'librarian' gang your people?

At 15 May, 2006 20:21 , Blogger e-Fei said...

?? hah?? the librarian gang??


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