Wednesday, June 28, 2006


1. Ee Fei
2. Fei
3. Eef

1. Hair
2. Eyes
3. Brain

1. extra layer of fat
2. stubby toes
3. flat nose

1. eefeinese
2. hokkien
3. haka

1. lies
2. two-face-ism
3. geli bugs

1. Death of a cherished one
2. being totally broke as in rm0 in bank account broke
3. fatal illnesses

1. House, MD
2. Ever After
3. Joy Luck Club (the only movie I know that is better than the book)

1. Vision of Escaflowne
2. Doraemon
3. Naruto

1. I like everything
2. that doesn't give
3. me headaches.

1. Ever After
2. It
3. Life of... Fei. (due out in the year 3006)

1. I not stupid too
2. Any horror movie
3. Any movie 300 out of 301 people like to watch.

1. Food
2. Sleep
3. Food

1. Shirt
2. Shorts
3. towel (I just washed my hair)

1. Excitement
2. Care
3. Laughter

1. Height
2. Hair
3. Looks

1. procrastinating
2. eating on my bed
3. falling asleep with my book open and lights on

1. Reading
2. Eating
3. Laughing

1. Eat longan
2. Read a new book
3. Go out with friends with no curfew.

1. Dentist
2. high class shampoo girl. (XP)
3. Wife to a rich young, handsome and so-in-love-with-me man. (rich, old and sick man oso can la)

1. Everywhere
2. on
3. Earth

1. Money
2. More money
3. Ham tan chew yan

1. Sign organ donation form
2. Write my will
3. Find peace in life

1. I wear a bra
2. I wear panties
3. I check out hot guys.

1. A homosexual
2. A heterosexual
3. A bisexual

Tell me if you're any one of them ya.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cambodia, Day 2

I couldn't sleep the past night or rather my mom made me loose sleep the past night.

The story:
Mummy asked me to set my handphone's alarm to 6am so we could do some shopping before meeting our tour guide at 8 so I did. Around 1am, my sister sms-ed me and so my phone rang. Mummy being her usual blur self when she wakes up tought it was the alarm and went to bathe. When she was done, she woke daddykins up to bathe while she made herself look pretty. Usually they let me sleep in as long as possible becouse they love me so much so when they were all done they woke me up. Me being not so blur, (and I was curious why my phone didn't ring) checked the time and it was 2am!!!!

Finally woke up a little before 6 and after breaking fast at the hotel(good food by the way) we walked out to their market and shopped...and shopped...and shopped. If you're the type of person who likes jewellery or wierd stuff, go there. Imagine this: my mom bargained until she got a USD60 pendant for only USD10. Chun rite? They really like catching waterfishes there. Especially foreign ones.

We (the whole group) then went to the temples. Everything's B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. I can't describe the experience there so I'll just post pics la k?

Anyone who plans to go all the way up Angkor Wat should bring their cam with them. I didn't coz I was afraid I would drop it and I totally regretted it when I reached the peak. The view is amazing I tell you. Climbing up isn't that hard; it's like climbing a ladder but coming down was scary. Still, it was well worth it.


If a treehouse is a house on a tree, a tree on a house would be a housetree?

Looks so western right?

When it was just built, it was all pink, becouse of the stone.

Doesn't look scary, but it's freaking high up.

More pink stone. I like this pic. I don't look so fat.

I have eyes, they were just closed. I think even the rubble is beautiful, don't you?

I couldn't zoom it anymore. I want a chun cam!

All hand work. Pui fok them man..

Realised that I'm smiling Buddha's toothless smile?

Victory gate. The pic isn't clear but if you see closely, on the left are demons pulling a snake while on the right it's the gods.

I rock. I took this pic 1 u know..

Daddy reminds me of a playboy here. Don't know why. Maybe becouse he's old but still has babes surrounding him. XD!!

Remember Tomb Raider? This is it.

Angkor Wat. 'Nuf said.

Don't mind the gwai lous. Just whack them when their heads block the view. hehe..jk jk..

One day wasn't enough though. If anyone plans to go there in the future, leave at least 2 whole days just walking around the temples and bask in the majesty.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel again and of course we went out again la.

*Cambodia, Day 3 coming up*

edit: It slipped my mind. In the morning, my sister SMSed me to tell us that my maternal great grandmother passed away. Her funeral was on Thursday afternoon, when we were flying back to Malaysia. It was a happy funeral. No one was supposed to cry.

Uh, I forgot..

A phone conversation I had today:

Me: Hey, go get your bla bla bla bla bla.... OH, and why didn't you come for class today?
Z: oh...I forgot.
Me: HAH?!?
Z: I tought it was next week.
Me: *speechless*


This seriously happened kay..

X-Statik (Aus)

Click for X-Statik. (He will also be in JB on July 4th for another HS.)
Presales? Contact Christina (012-6227856)

Sometimes I wish I was Sonia without the attitude. Freedom, wealth, bod (tho she's short). Damn.

Any companies out there who want another "Gutsy Girl"?? I'll sit on anyone you choose ;p

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Cambodia, Day 1

Cambodia roxxors my soxxors!

The food is great, all spicy-ish and sour, the views spectacular, some heart wrenching, the people are friendly, some cute but some scary, music's beautiful, air sweet and fresh. Ahhhhh, I want to go back!

Day One:
Reached the airport 10 minutes early. The customs there is different from Malaysia's. After scanning your passport for the details, they use a webcam to take a pic of you. Don't play play man..all flat screen LCD monitors kay. Didn't meet the guy I corresponded with(Sam Bat) but instead his temporary tour guide(Johnny) came to picked us up. My mom started laughing when she saw the paper thing he was holding up. Instead of spelling my name the Chinese way (Toh Ee Fei) they did it their way(TOHEEFEI). I think my mom was high that time. Went for lunch straight. Didn't take any pics of the food tho, kinda forgot everytime..hehehe. Their kerabu rocks! Not that spicy so even I can handle it but verrrrrry sour! *drooooool* We went to the Pol Pot war memorial after that. It's kinda hard to explain everything there since it's a whole war thing anyway so I'll just show you a pic.

Stuppa filled with the war victims' skeleton.

Went to take a boat ride to the Tonle Sap floating village later on. The lake is huge!

I took this pic at a place we stopped that's near the side of the lake. You can't see land, can you?

If you want to eat fish there after visiting the lake, DON'T go there. Oh well. Since it's a whole village on water, you get to see some interesting stuff like

A floating basketball court.

A floating church.

When they move, they move their WHOLE boat/house.

They even have a floating restaurant, school and even floating mini markets. They even have floating beggars. They will come in a pack and ask for money and don't think giving them cash will make them go away. In fact, the opposite happens. Even babies and children aren't spared from asking money, which is quite sad actually. Count your blessings people. At least we have proper clothes and a roof over our heads.

Towards the evening, we checked in to out hotel and after a short rest, we went for a buffet dinner at I-forgot-the-name which has the Apsara dance show from 7.30-8.30. The food there was again, goooooood. They have a type of noodle there called kuey tiew which is very yummy coz even though it looks like the usual rice noodles, it's firmer and absorbs the soup better. When cooked with their yummier pork, it's heavenly I tell you.

Apsara dancers. I didn't want to block people's view unlike some other tourists so the pic's not that clear.

Went back to the hotel after that at about 9pm their time. Early? Not really, since it's 10pm Malaysian time. We went out for a ride around town ourselves before turning in.

They have tuktuks there!!

Random pictures:

Family in front of hotel. They have great woods there.

Group pic. That's Johnny the guide in green and another guide at the back.

*Will continue with day two another day*

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I'm back! one even noticed I was gone.

Just came back from Cambodia today after 4 days there. So tireddddddddddd!!
I'm too tired to blog about it now, so just wait la har?

Lemme see what I did there...
I ate, shopped, drank, walked, bought, haggled, ate, camwhored, ate, ate a balut, pitied, got harassed, eh...yea. Kesimpulannya, mummy wants to go back there again one day and I wanna follow!

Yum! Balut with lemon juice and pepper.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Ten Top Trivia Tips about E-Fly!

  1. Ancient Chinese artists would never paint pictures of e-Fly.
  2. The first domain name ever registered was
  3. Europe is the only continent that lacks e-Fly!
  4. E-Fly can only be destroyed by intense heat, and is impermeable even to acid.
  5. The most dangerous form of e-Fly is the bicycle.
  6. Czar Paul I banished e-Fly to Siberia for marching out of step.
  7. E-Fly can not regurgitate.
  8. If your ear itches, this means that someone is talking about e-Fly.
  9. E-Flyomancy is the art of telling the future with e-Fly.
  10. E-Fly, from the movie of the same name, had green blood.
I am interested in - do tell me about

About no 6: so now you know why I rock in marching...Lol!!

Bye Bye!

Bye Bye!

Friday, June 16, 2006


I'm so boredddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

Just finished touching up the Rotaract logo, currently waiting for my notebook to dry (hehe, I'm revamping it) and feeling hungry now, even though I just had lunch like, 5 hours ago. Ok, so it's quite long edi..but stiiiiiiiiiiiiiill...usually I don't feel hungry at this time.

About lunch, walked to the famous bak kut teh near my house for lunch with Shams, Yuan n 2B. Sei 2B can be so blur about his surroundings. We pass by a church everytime we go home from college but would he know where it is? noooooooooo.. he HAD to get Shams to pick him up so Yuan and I had to stare at the beauuuuuuutiful food, smeeeeelll the harum-ful food...until they came.

Oh, and I know y 2B is so dark, even for an Indian. He consumes as much soy sauce as much as he drinks water. Crazy fella. I wonder why his sorry excuse of a "beard" and "mustache" won't drop off....hehehhehehe....I feel so evil....

One last thing, since now I know Shams reads my blog, I wanna post this out.

Shams perposely parked his car on the OTHER side of the highway so he won't have to send me home, even though it was R-A-I-N-I-N-G.


Siennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.... I dowan to wash the toilettttttttt.... so hottttttt.. sure sweat like pig again oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. (No offence to real pigs out there.)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Faulty Burger

I ordered A double cheeseburger from McDees and got this

When I opened it, it looked like this.

Compare the pictures k.

First pic: a normal double cheeseburger

Second pic: the "cheeeburger" I got

Notice the difference?

Where is the cheese?!?!? Where's the beef?!?!?! Where's the pickles!??!?!

Bang Bang Boom!

I'm in pain but I'll do it all over again. (noo, I'm not into those *ahem ahem* things). hehehehe..
Went to play paintball with my 7 of my current classmates at TT Sports Park. Fuhyoh, anyone who doesn't wanna play paintball becouse it hurts should just go and play.It isn't as painful as it looks and even if you really can't handle it, it's still worth the pain. It's not as expensive as last time either. Gear and field (RM20) + 300 pellets (RM 25) + vest (RM5) is only RM50 each.

I got shot once on my hand and two or three times on my helmet. Not bad le for a newbie? hehe.. Out of at least 6 rounds somore. (Yes, WIl, I'm gonna blog it!) And when we played girls vs guys, GIRLS won!! wooot~!! And two of us ran out of pellets somore... Geng le...hehehe..

It's shape reminds me of chandelier earrings..the Indian style types..

I think next time I'm gonna play with smaller or bigger groups. Either 12 or more, so we can REALLY make it like war games, or smaller like with only 4 becouse it's more fun. The last round I played was between only me, Wil, Pete and Sam coz there was hardly any pellets left and the rest didn't wanna play anymore. That was fun.

So, anyone up for a game of paintball??

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

20 People

Instructions: Name 20 people you can think of at the top of your head. Don't read the questions before you write, and tag 5 people to do the survey.

1. Fi
2. V
3. Tsze
4. Mabel
5. Ed
6. Wen
7. KH
8. Mae
9. Ty
10. Raech
11. Eve
12. Lynn
13. Hawaii
14. Callie
15. Sam
16. Jo
17. Zue
18. Shams
19. Yuan
20. 2B Pencil (You know who you are...muahaha!)


How did you meet 14 (Callie) ?
We were classmates for 2 years.

What would you do if you had never met 1 (Fi) ?
OMG I think I would have DIED of boredom..though now I'm missing her to death!

What would you do if 20 (2B) and 9 (Ty) dated you?
Me and 2B? He'll wish he was dead after the first day of me making fun of him. Ty, I would probably go and get a chastity belt.

Did you ever like 19(Yuan)?
If I didn't ever like him he wouldn't be my friend.

Would 6 (Wen) and 17 (Zue) make a good couple?
No, not in the real world.

Describe 3 (Tsze).
Hot tigress. I love her style. She's the only one I love to go shopping with becouse we talk about so much stuff and trust each other's taste.

Do you think no 18 (Shams) is attractive?
Well, I think everyone's attractive.

Tell me something about 7 (KH).
His surname rocks!! F-U! I love it! Serious dude, but cang et very playful when he wants to, super smart guy who ALWAYS makes bets that he'll fail some subject but in the end, he loses the bet.

Do you know anything about 12's (Lynn) family?
Yea, actually. We were kinda close I guess during primary school. I was surprised when her mom actually remembered me when I went over the her house once. After at least 4 years somore!

What is no 8's (Mae) favourite?

What would you do if 11 (Eve) confess that he/she likes you?
I wouldn't be surprised. I already KNOW she likes me.XD

What language does 15 (Sam) speak?
English, BM, Canton, Mandrin?

Who is 9 (Ty) going out with?
No one, I think.

How old is 16 (Jo) now?
25, I think.

When was the last time you talked to 13 (Hawaii) ?
Can't quite recall, but definately last Wed.

Who is 2's (V) favourite singer?
So many~~~~I think she like's the songs more than the singers themselves.

Would you date no 4 (Mabel) ?
No. Please la, I'm straight ok?

Would you date 7 (KH)?
Again, no. It would be like dating my brother.

Is 15 (Sam) single?
Nope. He has Mich.

What's 10's (Raech) last name?
Dan, if you're a Westerner, Nie if you're an Easterner.

Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 11 (Eve) ?
I already am.

What school does 3 (Tsze) go to?
Previously, SMKDJ (the best high school ever!). Now, Sunwy College.

Where does 6 (Wen) live?
(I'm always tempted to say 1U) BU

What's your favourite thing about no 5 (Ed)?
He let's me kacau him as much as I want and he's my personal stress reliever. Thanks Mund.

5 People:Chia (payback time!), Mae, Wen, Ty.... that's it.


Sunday, June 11, 2006


Finally!! Exams are over!! weeeeeeeeeee!!! For some odd reason, I felt more energetic than when SPM was over. Seriously..while waiting for the bus, I was dancing and prancing all over..hehe, luckily the bus stop was devoid of people for some time..XD

Went for lunch with Vicki straight after my last paper. Nothing fancy, just some Western in some Mayang coffeeshop.

Went home, cleaned up, and straight to OU to meet up with Chia and Wen. Stupid bus, it made me wait for 40 minutes until I got fed up and asked Daddy to send me there. Yea, it's been more than a year since I've gotten my driving licence but nope, these teo hands have NEVER touched the steering wheel since.

Went to eat at Vietnam Kitchen before watching Cars. Food's not bad, but quite pricey though. I finally found the dish that I love which I first tried at Giant, KJ. Vietnam Kitchen's not as nice or as big a portion as Giant's tho. (Giant doesn't have it hoo..)

Cars was F-U-N-N-Y!! hehe.. Mater (as in!) was adorable~!!! haha Quote:"she just likes me for my body.." WTH? ahahah!! Chick Hicks was lameeeeeeeeeeee.. especially the part where he copied Lightning McQueen's thingy where he goes " like thunder...!! kechuga, kechuga, kechuga". I liked Guido too!! more so everytime he says "pit stop".. HEhe!! Throughout the whole movie, Wen was so adorable..I really felt like a small kid again watching Cars with her.

Worth watching, Cars.(Oh, and stay for the WHOLE credits. There's a little extra in the end)

After the movie, the three of us just went walking around a little and played a couple of rounds of PhotoHunt. It's been so long since I played that...*sigh* I feel old.

Didn't get to go hunting for tha top I wanted to get tho, so anyone interested in going with me anytime soon? Anyone free during weekdays to be exact..

OOOoo~~ D3:the mighty ducks started edi~!! bye!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Lover boy

Eight things about your perfect lover.

1. Rich
2. Old
3. On deathbed
4. Castrated
5. Male (preferably)
6. No other family members
7. Blind
8. Willing to leave bussiness empire to me after/before death

HAhahahahah!! But June, I'm serious. Hehe.

Eight things about your second most perfect lover.

1. Male
2. Hot (as is pssssssss BOOM! hot)
3. Rich
4. No other family members
5. Bug killer
6. Loves me more than I love him
7. As smart as me in the least (That's gonna be hard to find...XD!!)
8. As crazy and willing to do anything fun as me. (The word 'fun' inserted coz i don like housework.)

Nah June. Now you know who to introduce to me. heheheheh..

Nobody coz I feel that we're still to young to REALLY decide..who know's maybe I'll marry some boring rich idiot.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

I'm IT

I was tagged, so I'm IT.

Four movies I could watch over and over:
1. It, the movie.
2. Ever After
3. Gattaca
4. The Green Mile

Four places I have lived at:
1. SS4
2. SS4
3. My Room, in SS4
4. Genting, Pangkor, Ipoh, Penang, Alor Setar,Singapore,Thailand and soon Cambodia if you're Chia.

Four books I recommend to everyone:
1. It - Stephen King
2. Shadow of a Dark Queen - Raymond E. Feist
3. Servant for the Empire - Janny Wurts
4. Chinese Cinderella - Adeline Yen Mah

I don't care, I'm gonna make it 5.Vermilion Gate -Aiping Mu

Four of my favourite dishes:
1. Mom's cooking (My size proves how good her cooking is)
2. Western dishes, especially lamb
3. Sushi
4. Anything with cheese or pasta

Four sites I visit daily:
1. My blog.
2. Mae's blog. Chia's blog.
3. Gmail.
4. lengmou? and doraemon.

Four places I'd rather be right now:
1. Singapore with a truckload of pounds(the currency r pls).
2. In a plane travelling everywhere
3. In my office talking to my employees, Bill Gates and Sir Richard Branson
4. In the Whitehouse answering the red phone.

Four bloggers I'm tagging:
1. Ty (coz I donno)
2. Sherry (coz she will get damn funny)
3. Wilson
4. June

(Sei chia, steal all my bloggers..)

One unrelated thing:
If you, dear reader, are reading my blog using IE, go switch to Firefox, pronto! I just realised that it looks totally senget here and there when viewed with IE. IE suxxors!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

For June

i know im not supposed 2 blog during exams, buuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttttttttttt.... hehe..

just one more line k?


so charmz hor her birthday is during exams...

Sunday, June 04, 2006


No new posts are gonna come up until the 9th k....exam season.. wish me good luck!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

For Chichawen

Chia, my last post was 5 days ago. Five, yes, FIVE days ago. My life's not THAT happening la darling.

Grandmama's birthday luncheon today in Sitiawan.
Six hours of sleep,
one hour of waiting,
one hour of eating,
four hours of flattening my backside travel,
two hours of boringness and so so food,
four hours of travelling with shopping stops here and there,
another hour of dinner,
and only THEN am I back in home sweet home.

Felt moody today, who knows why. One moment I'm all hungrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy, the other I'm all weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! then the next second I'm all bitchy. Blah.

Mummy got me a bracelet yesterday, cheap cheap oni, RM 9.90. It's those polished crystal shards that is supposedly sold at an even cheaper price in Aussie beaches. Doesn't matter, the plane ticket there will dig a bottomless hole in my pocket anyway. Mom asked me to try on a top that has the peacock motive thingy on it. One look and I was all "yerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr". Tried it on anyway and guess what, it rocked. Too bad it was too small for me, if not I wouldn't care if I freeze my arms off in college, I'll still wear it there.

Today pulak mom, sis and I went shoe shopping at the Fajar in Sitiawan. Great designs, Good quality, BEST price. A total of five pairs came home with us after trading about RM 110 for them. Rocking. Mom, sis and I have the same shoes, but in different colours (mom's black) and sizes (5,6,7 leh, so sad right cannot share shoes?). My new shoes remind me of know, something like this minus children in it la of course. Yup, it's not only pointed, but curls up. Hehehe.. Can't wait to get new slacks, then I can wear it for formal occasions.

Speaking of formal occasions, anyone interested in going for my installation?Details below:

Occasion: Rotaract Club of Subang's 20th aniversary cum installation
Venue:Impiana KLCC Hotel and Spa (opposite KL Convention Centre)
Date:8th of July,2006
Time: 7.00 - 11.30 PM
Ticket price: RM 55
Attire: formal