Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bang Bang Boom!

I'm in pain but I'll do it all over again. (noo, I'm not into those *ahem ahem* things). hehehehe..
Went to play paintball with my 7 of my current classmates at TT Sports Park. Fuhyoh, anyone who doesn't wanna play paintball becouse it hurts should just go and play.It isn't as painful as it looks and even if you really can't handle it, it's still worth the pain. It's not as expensive as last time either. Gear and field (RM20) + 300 pellets (RM 25) + vest (RM5) is only RM50 each.

I got shot once on my hand and two or three times on my helmet. Not bad le for a newbie? hehe.. Out of at least 6 rounds somore. (Yes, WIl, I'm gonna blog it!) And when we played girls vs guys, GIRLS won!! wooot~!! And two of us ran out of pellets somore... Geng le...hehehe..

It's shape reminds me of chandelier earrings..the Indian style types..

I think next time I'm gonna play with smaller or bigger groups. Either 12 or more, so we can REALLY make it like war games, or smaller like with only 4 becouse it's more fun. The last round I played was between only me, Wil, Pete and Sam coz there was hardly any pellets left and the rest didn't wanna play anymore. That was fun.

So, anyone up for a game of paintball??


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