Saturday, June 24, 2006

Cambodia, Day 1

Cambodia roxxors my soxxors!

The food is great, all spicy-ish and sour, the views spectacular, some heart wrenching, the people are friendly, some cute but some scary, music's beautiful, air sweet and fresh. Ahhhhh, I want to go back!

Day One:
Reached the airport 10 minutes early. The customs there is different from Malaysia's. After scanning your passport for the details, they use a webcam to take a pic of you. Don't play play man..all flat screen LCD monitors kay. Didn't meet the guy I corresponded with(Sam Bat) but instead his temporary tour guide(Johnny) came to picked us up. My mom started laughing when she saw the paper thing he was holding up. Instead of spelling my name the Chinese way (Toh Ee Fei) they did it their way(TOHEEFEI). I think my mom was high that time. Went for lunch straight. Didn't take any pics of the food tho, kinda forgot everytime..hehehe. Their kerabu rocks! Not that spicy so even I can handle it but verrrrrry sour! *drooooool* We went to the Pol Pot war memorial after that. It's kinda hard to explain everything there since it's a whole war thing anyway so I'll just show you a pic.

Stuppa filled with the war victims' skeleton.

Went to take a boat ride to the Tonle Sap floating village later on. The lake is huge!

I took this pic at a place we stopped that's near the side of the lake. You can't see land, can you?

If you want to eat fish there after visiting the lake, DON'T go there. Oh well. Since it's a whole village on water, you get to see some interesting stuff like

A floating basketball court.

A floating church.

When they move, they move their WHOLE boat/house.

They even have a floating restaurant, school and even floating mini markets. They even have floating beggars. They will come in a pack and ask for money and don't think giving them cash will make them go away. In fact, the opposite happens. Even babies and children aren't spared from asking money, which is quite sad actually. Count your blessings people. At least we have proper clothes and a roof over our heads.

Towards the evening, we checked in to out hotel and after a short rest, we went for a buffet dinner at I-forgot-the-name which has the Apsara dance show from 7.30-8.30. The food there was again, goooooood. They have a type of noodle there called kuey tiew which is very yummy coz even though it looks like the usual rice noodles, it's firmer and absorbs the soup better. When cooked with their yummier pork, it's heavenly I tell you.

Apsara dancers. I didn't want to block people's view unlike some other tourists so the pic's not that clear.

Went back to the hotel after that at about 9pm their time. Early? Not really, since it's 10pm Malaysian time. We went out for a ride around town ourselves before turning in.

They have tuktuks there!!

Random pictures:

Family in front of hotel. They have great woods there.

Group pic. That's Johnny the guide in green and another guide at the back.

*Will continue with day two another day*


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