Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cambodia, Day 2

I couldn't sleep the past night or rather my mom made me loose sleep the past night.

The story:
Mummy asked me to set my handphone's alarm to 6am so we could do some shopping before meeting our tour guide at 8 so I did. Around 1am, my sister sms-ed me and so my phone rang. Mummy being her usual blur self when she wakes up tought it was the alarm and went to bathe. When she was done, she woke daddykins up to bathe while she made herself look pretty. Usually they let me sleep in as long as possible becouse they love me so much so when they were all done they woke me up. Me being not so blur, (and I was curious why my phone didn't ring) checked the time and it was 2am!!!!

Finally woke up a little before 6 and after breaking fast at the hotel(good food by the way) we walked out to their market and shopped...and shopped...and shopped. If you're the type of person who likes jewellery or wierd stuff, go there. Imagine this: my mom bargained until she got a USD60 pendant for only USD10. Chun rite? They really like catching waterfishes there. Especially foreign ones.

We (the whole group) then went to the temples. Everything's B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. I can't describe the experience there so I'll just post pics la k?

Anyone who plans to go all the way up Angkor Wat should bring their cam with them. I didn't coz I was afraid I would drop it and I totally regretted it when I reached the peak. The view is amazing I tell you. Climbing up isn't that hard; it's like climbing a ladder but coming down was scary. Still, it was well worth it.


If a treehouse is a house on a tree, a tree on a house would be a housetree?

Looks so western right?

When it was just built, it was all pink, becouse of the stone.

Doesn't look scary, but it's freaking high up.

More pink stone. I like this pic. I don't look so fat.

I have eyes, they were just closed. I think even the rubble is beautiful, don't you?

I couldn't zoom it anymore. I want a chun cam!

All hand work. Pui fok them man..

Realised that I'm smiling Buddha's toothless smile?

Victory gate. The pic isn't clear but if you see closely, on the left are demons pulling a snake while on the right it's the gods.

I rock. I took this pic 1 u know..

Daddy reminds me of a playboy here. Don't know why. Maybe becouse he's old but still has babes surrounding him. XD!!

Remember Tomb Raider? This is it.

Angkor Wat. 'Nuf said.

Don't mind the gwai lous. Just whack them when their heads block the view. hehe..jk jk..

One day wasn't enough though. If anyone plans to go there in the future, leave at least 2 whole days just walking around the temples and bask in the majesty.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel again and of course we went out again la.

*Cambodia, Day 3 coming up*

edit: It slipped my mind. In the morning, my sister SMSed me to tell us that my maternal great grandmother passed away. Her funeral was on Thursday afternoon, when we were flying back to Malaysia. It was a happy funeral. No one was supposed to cry.


At 28 June, 2006 01:15 , Anonymous maeeee said...

ahahaha! omg damn hilarious lor ur mom woke up early!


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