Sunday, June 11, 2006


Finally!! Exams are over!! weeeeeeeeeee!!! For some odd reason, I felt more energetic than when SPM was over. Seriously..while waiting for the bus, I was dancing and prancing all over..hehe, luckily the bus stop was devoid of people for some time..XD

Went for lunch with Vicki straight after my last paper. Nothing fancy, just some Western in some Mayang coffeeshop.

Went home, cleaned up, and straight to OU to meet up with Chia and Wen. Stupid bus, it made me wait for 40 minutes until I got fed up and asked Daddy to send me there. Yea, it's been more than a year since I've gotten my driving licence but nope, these teo hands have NEVER touched the steering wheel since.

Went to eat at Vietnam Kitchen before watching Cars. Food's not bad, but quite pricey though. I finally found the dish that I love which I first tried at Giant, KJ. Vietnam Kitchen's not as nice or as big a portion as Giant's tho. (Giant doesn't have it hoo..)

Cars was F-U-N-N-Y!! hehe.. Mater (as in!) was adorable~!!! haha Quote:"she just likes me for my body.." WTH? ahahah!! Chick Hicks was lameeeeeeeeeeee.. especially the part where he copied Lightning McQueen's thingy where he goes " like thunder...!! kechuga, kechuga, kechuga". I liked Guido too!! more so everytime he says "pit stop".. HEhe!! Throughout the whole movie, Wen was so adorable..I really felt like a small kid again watching Cars with her.

Worth watching, Cars.(Oh, and stay for the WHOLE credits. There's a little extra in the end)

After the movie, the three of us just went walking around a little and played a couple of rounds of PhotoHunt. It's been so long since I played that...*sigh* I feel old.

Didn't get to go hunting for tha top I wanted to get tho, so anyone interested in going with me anytime soon? Anyone free during weekdays to be exact..

OOOoo~~ D3:the mighty ducks started edi~!! bye!


At 12 June, 2006 00:13 , Blogger chia wen said...

"kecha kecha!!"
"owww!!! my eye!!!!"

damn funny la!
i love that show!! it was better than i thought..
the trailer seemed damn boring!


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