Saturday, June 03, 2006

For Chichawen

Chia, my last post was 5 days ago. Five, yes, FIVE days ago. My life's not THAT happening la darling.

Grandmama's birthday luncheon today in Sitiawan.
Six hours of sleep,
one hour of waiting,
one hour of eating,
four hours of flattening my backside travel,
two hours of boringness and so so food,
four hours of travelling with shopping stops here and there,
another hour of dinner,
and only THEN am I back in home sweet home.

Felt moody today, who knows why. One moment I'm all hungrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy, the other I'm all weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! then the next second I'm all bitchy. Blah.

Mummy got me a bracelet yesterday, cheap cheap oni, RM 9.90. It's those polished crystal shards that is supposedly sold at an even cheaper price in Aussie beaches. Doesn't matter, the plane ticket there will dig a bottomless hole in my pocket anyway. Mom asked me to try on a top that has the peacock motive thingy on it. One look and I was all "yerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr". Tried it on anyway and guess what, it rocked. Too bad it was too small for me, if not I wouldn't care if I freeze my arms off in college, I'll still wear it there.

Today pulak mom, sis and I went shoe shopping at the Fajar in Sitiawan. Great designs, Good quality, BEST price. A total of five pairs came home with us after trading about RM 110 for them. Rocking. Mom, sis and I have the same shoes, but in different colours (mom's black) and sizes (5,6,7 leh, so sad right cannot share shoes?). My new shoes remind me of know, something like this minus children in it la of course. Yup, it's not only pointed, but curls up. Hehehe.. Can't wait to get new slacks, then I can wear it for formal occasions.

Speaking of formal occasions, anyone interested in going for my installation?Details below:

Occasion: Rotaract Club of Subang's 20th aniversary cum installation
Venue:Impiana KLCC Hotel and Spa (opposite KL Convention Centre)
Date:8th of July,2006
Time: 7.00 - 11.30 PM
Ticket price: RM 55
Attire: formal



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