Saturday, June 10, 2006

Lover boy

Eight things about your perfect lover.

1. Rich
2. Old
3. On deathbed
4. Castrated
5. Male (preferably)
6. No other family members
7. Blind
8. Willing to leave bussiness empire to me after/before death

HAhahahahah!! But June, I'm serious. Hehe.

Eight things about your second most perfect lover.

1. Male
2. Hot (as is pssssssss BOOM! hot)
3. Rich
4. No other family members
5. Bug killer
6. Loves me more than I love him
7. As smart as me in the least (That's gonna be hard to find...XD!!)
8. As crazy and willing to do anything fun as me. (The word 'fun' inserted coz i don like housework.)

Nah June. Now you know who to introduce to me. heheheheh..

Nobody coz I feel that we're still to young to REALLY decide..who know's maybe I'll marry some boring rich idiot.


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