Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Dynamitez Boom Boom!

They only got 1st runner up. Sigh, but we're still proud of all of you!

More so since so many of you all suffered injuries so near the finals! Dynamitez will always be #1 in all DJians' hearts!

To a happier topic, Mae's back! ok la, fine la, she's been back for bout a week edi, but Sunday was the first time I saw her maaaaaaaaa...

Ty organised a steamboat party at his place for her and also Yi Chian (she's back too). 13 of us (Fab6,Wen,Chian,Soo Huan,Xiang,Peng,and myself) ate 3 rounds of yum yum steamboat man. Burppppppppppppppppp!!

Steeeeeeammmm boooooaaaaatttt~~~

Chia and I with her killer finger.

Mae: Sambal goooooooooooooooooooooooodddd!!

*photo removed to spare malu-ness.*

Chia likes wierd poses.

One-of-a-kind towels scarves made by Chia worn by beautiful models.

We had so much fun that night...hehe...becouse of my 90-year-old-grandmother memory, I'll just let pictures tell the story la...

My hands are clearly to myself.

A Chia pose.

Group pic.

Another one.

Stuff Mae got for Wen. Mine's bout the same.

Hehehehe. I just remembered one thing. Mae had such a funny conversation with Hun Jack over MSN. Let's all be sotong che muis!!!


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