Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pros of Big Brother.


From the greatness of technology, the eyes of Big Brother, and my own brain, I now know roughly who is the one going around telling the whole wide world about a thing between me and A. Since the few of you have so much time, go and spread this around also la k?

1. It's all good now between us.

2. I have my own reasons for writing what I wrote.

3. Don't ask/tell me what is real and what is fake, becouse quite frankly, I don't know who to trust now.

4. I would rather you (and you and you, if you're feeling the guilt) stop spreading this around. Not for my sake (hey, increasing my traffic oni wat, there's no such thing as bad publisity remember?) but for A's sake. Don't you think it's memalu-fying (Wen: minhuei-fy my life!) for her for EVERYONE to know about it? Especially when alot of those people actually COMMEND me for writing that post?

5. If you don't care, shame on you.


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