Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Random-est thing.

My Thinking Skills lecturer will be MIA for thewhole week, so today (and tmrw) I have a 2 hour break. The first hour, I went for lunch with Zue, Grace and Aimi. The socond hour, I got a hair cut.

Yup. A hair cut.

Random right?

We were walking back to college when we passed a hair saloon. Since I've never gotten round to getting my hair cut, I said "Hey, I feel like getting a hair cut." Their reply? "Go lah." So I went. Hehehe..

The hairdresser's a really nice lady, and she charges quite cheaply too, even more since she's in Subang. So ppl, go pay a visit to a Irene Tan from JEN Sq Unisex Hair Saloon in Subang Square. She does prom stylings too.

One thing that really surprised me about that place is that it actually gives those lil massages they used to give in kampong kampong hair saloons. In KL weh!! She's the first, and I won't be surprised if she's the ONLY one that gives those massages. Heavenly I tell you when she did. So comfy... Hehe...


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