Friday, July 21, 2006

To Go, Or Not To Go

Choices choices.. Stupid exams.

Short version:

My Trials end on the 5th, prolly sometime in the noon time (hehe, sounds wierd). MY flight to KK is ALSO on the 5th, in the ante meridiem. Since there's no way Taylor's will let me sit for the day's paper early, I have to miss my paid for flight.

Now comes the hard part; to go, or not to go?

If I take a flight after my paper or the next day, I'll have to fork out another RM129.99 (promo price somore). The nice part would be me taking a flight on my own (hopefully) and the holiday itself la of course, though by the time I fly it'll be only for another 2 days before I'll have to fly back to KL.

If I DON'T go, I'll miss visiting KK, but I don't think I'll miss out that much coz since there will be small kids going too, we won't be hiking up Mount KK, which is the one thing I really really want to do.On the other hand, I'll have four days by myself, and if mummy lets, I can get Fi and co to come over for a 4 day sleepover aka "babysitting" me la. Don't know whether she'll let me tho, she'll prolly make me go to my aunt's place instead..but I dowannnnnnnnnnnnn..I wan Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.. (hehe, coz she'll be free and has her own car and just simply chilling will make any non-workaholic's day)


On a lighter note, here's a joke I heard from a classmate.

Question: Why is Superman's costume always so tight?
Answer: Becouse it's size 'S'.


edit: ok, I go, sis would prolly go but if I'm not going sis ain't going, so don hafta stay at my aunt's place edi....


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