Monday, August 07, 2006


I left my file in my Economics class today. It had alot of my notes. Chem, Bio, Econs, Thinking Skills, Math. It also had all my forms and name lists. It also had the class fund and the accounts book. I didn't even realise it. I wouldn't have realised it if Ms Shirley from the ECA office didn't call. I would panic like hell. All my note weh!! Exams coming somore!!

Thank Buddha the world has semi-buddhas ie honest people. A girl found my file. She gave it to the ECA office's lost and found department. She didn't even touch the money. Not even a single sen. She could have RM115 extra this month, but nooooo. She was honest. Maybe she believes in karma. No matter what, she's just so good. Honest. Nice. Kind.

To that girl who found my file and actually sent it to the ECA office:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wouldn't know what to do if I lost all my notes and papers. God bless, good luck, may you get your kindness and honesty returned many-fold in the near and far future. Thank you.


At 09 August, 2006 20:06 , Blogger MaE : ) said...

i think it is ur good karma!

At 10 August, 2006 20:28 , Blogger tysern said...

they are some very nice ppl in this world. last time my bro left his hp in some futsal place, they actually kept it for him, and returned it to him.


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