Thursday, September 28, 2006

Aimi got Robbed.

My classmate's house got robbed. And she was in it. Scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

She (i~me) went home instead of waiting in college for 2 hours (bio practical, but she doesn't take bio). At about 1pm she decided to come back to college for her next class but when she opened the door, an Indian man was standing there waiting for her with a knife (parang I think). He shoved her back into her room, covered her face with a shirt and tied her up with her dad's tie before ransacking the rest of her room with the help of two of his accomplices. They only left about 30 minutes later (damn freaking long weh). Thank goodness she wasn't hurt.

She ran to college (panic attack) to look for our mentor-lecturer but she couldn't find her so she came looking for me. OMG, I tought someone she knew died at first from her tears. As she used my phone to call her parents, I informed the college admin and got them to bring us to the police station to make a report. Sigh, we need more people in the police force. Their undermanned everywhere. We went back to her house with the police and to imagine the scene there, think CSI, except instead of hunks with the little duster thingys and the black powder it's middle aged slightly pot bellied officers. Thankful for them though.

The robbers got into the house by at first jumping over the gate and then cutting the metal bars covering the windows before forcing open one of the windows. Later, they took I~me's keys to open the front door.

To all my darlings staying by themselves (and everyone else for that matter) be careful and be alert of your surroundings at all times. Even your own house might not be that safe anymore.


At 17 October, 2006 18:32 , Blogger Amilyn said...

vat, that is very very scary. i would never have thought things like that could happen except in movies -___-


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