Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Supported another blood donation drive at college today. Damn, I think my body's getting weaker coz the last time I got poked with the fat ass needle, it didn't hurt at all, before (DUH!), during or after but this time round I actually felt the needle going into my arm and now my arm's feeling all numby.

Jiyz was supposed to join me in the crusade to save lives (bwahahahahhahaha~~!!) but she ffked in the end. >.<

[post left hanging to go to the pasar malam to get dinner.]

Damn. Never EVER forget to get something to eat or drink after donating blood. I did, and I passed out becouse of it. While waiting at a noodle stall in the pasar malam, I started feeling dizzy. I ignored it at first since I'm used to getting dizzy spells now and then but when it got worse I knew something was wrong. Luckily I remembered some stuff from PBSM so I sat at the curb with my head between my knees. My mom saw my pale white face and practically dragged me to the car to send me home. I think for that one moment I knew how a blind person perceives the world. By the time I reached the car, I couldn't see anything. I know people call it blacking out, but for me it was more like "white-ing" out. Just imagine the guy-dying-goes-to-heaven scene, how his vision would slowly blur and all the colour drains out, leaving just bright, blinding, white light. (I wonder whether it's the same experience the back-from-the-dead people go through.) By the time I reached home, I couldn't take it anymore and just passed out in the dining room but after mom got me to drink some Milo, wahhhhhhhhh, felt so much better.

It's now the next day actually but since I started this post yesterday, I'll leave the postmark as yesterday's product.


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