Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tsunami? No, Earthquake!

Had a two hor break today so we decided to walk to Swenson's for the half priced Tsunami vulcano Earthquake. Turned out that Willy and Juney also wanted to go there so in the end, half the class went there during break. Guess how we got there. We WALKED. Damn far man. Found out in the end that a taxi ride will only cost RM2.50, so no more walking to Parade for me.

One wierd thing tho, instead of looking like Ty's Earthquake,

Ours, (well, not OURS ours la, the rest's more like..I was satisfied with the free scoop) turned out like this

Mana itu steamy white fumes? (Plumbum?? hehe..too much of Chem edi.)

So tak syoik man~~~!! To add salt to the wound, they only had 5 flavours to choose from. Kam ngam all the other flavours run out one....*sweat*

Warning: Do NOT get the pistachio (correk spelling r?) almond flavour..tastes like medication one...blueks..

For lunch (siao kah eat ice cream for lunch?) I had the breaded chicken. Wasn't that nice.

Should have gotten this instead. Forgot what it was called.

For the price, the breaded chicken definately not worth it. The salmon pasta looked really good tho, but it'll set you back about rm20 ++

I think out of all of us, Peter had the most worth it meal there, pasta, chicken, fish, fries, coleslaw, tea and ice cream for less than rm9, tax included. Hehe...try to guess how la, wuite shy la to post it out on cyberspace..Later if his wife-to-be sees my post then how? Hakakakakak...

With 15 minutes to spare, we who have finished started walking back to coll. Grace and Zue took a cab back and now I regret not joining them. Sigh. We all tought it'll cost us rm5 a cab, but it turns out that if you use the meter, it's only rm2.50!! That's not even 70 sen a person!! Gahhhh, got all sweaty and smelly and tired for nothing. Oh well, all in the name of E-X-E-R-C-I-S-E.

L-R: Me, Zhen and Jack Jack hiding behind me, Sam right at the back plus my two babes Zue and Grace.

L-R: Yuet Whey, Wai, Kev,Joe, Aims, Mich,Jiyz, Kath, June and Willy.

note to self: If planning a rave, use Grace's idea and name it Earthquake.....or Tsunami....but Earthquake sounds nicer hor?


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