Friday, September 15, 2006



My worst habit made me late.


Procrastinating sucks.
Yet I always do.

Yeeeee, someone teach me how to give directions!!
Though I missed the bus, Sam Sam could have picked me up from the station.
But, (there's always a but)

He's not taking the LDP. He's going through Trop to get to OU so he needed directions to get to the KJ station but i-always-get-driven-around-by-someone-who-knows-the-way me don't know how to describe the route to KJ.


Now I need to wait another hour for the bus. The worst thing is, I would be late. I hate being late. 30 minutes somore. And they're all (i think) guys. What are they gonna do for 30 minutes?
Shop? Bwahahahhahahahah... I just made a joke. Peter, shopping. ahahah!! Another joke! He got so bored following us around last week after our movie.

10 more minutes to kill before walking back to the station. Please kamisama, let all the people who were waiting for their bus leave before Ir aech the station *malu*


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