Saturday, October 28, 2006

to-do list

Things to do during my 1 month break:

  1. Paintball (actually, gonna go paintballing right after my last paper. =P)
  2. Shop for new clothes
  3. Re-deco Fi's room
  4. Steamboat/bbq
  5. Pangkor/Genting maybe, hopefully
  6. Organise a party for class
  7. Research research research
  8. pray for good results
  9. Design a tat for Fi
  10. Watch tv
  11. Rob mae of her 'Dr House' cds
  12. Finish my notebook project
  13. Shop/make next years presents
  14. Celebrate Christmas and New Years
  15. Wait for Chinese New Year
  16. Wait for Chinese New Year
  17. Wait for Chinese New Year
  18. Wait for Chinese New Year
  19. Wait for Chinese New Year
  20. Wait for Chinese New Year
  21. Wait for Chinese New Year
  22. Study for A2 (my brain is like a dead sponge plant. It retains knowledge for a little while, then everything starts to seep away)
  23. Change blog template (I think I wanna do my own, but I still suck at HTML)
  24. Sleep
  25. Sleep
  26. Sleep
  27. Sleep
  28. Sleep
  29. Sleep
  30. Eat
  31. Eat
  32. Eat
  33. Eat
  34. Eat
  35. Eat
  36. Eat
  37. Eat
  38. Eat
  39. Eat
  40. Eat
  41. Eat
  42. Eat
  43. Eat
  44. Eat
  45. Eat
  46. Eat
  47. Eat
  48. Eat
That's about it la I think. Heeeeheeeeheeee.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

No backspacing

I wanna prove to a certain somebody out there that my typing skills isn't that bad, so I'm not going to use the backspace key for the whoooole post....hehe..

I'm so bored of studying but I'm afraid of working.
I'm tired of wearing supersized clothes but I won't go on a diet.
I'm sucking at my studies but I'm hardly putting in extra effort.
I want to put out a superb psot but me takde ilham. (typo)

Why must life be so full of minor choices that will effect your whole life?


Another topic..I need more books!!

Finished reading all of my bro's fantasy boooks twice already even though there's no actual ending to any of them since when he bought the books the newer 'episodes' so to speak havent cbeen published yet. Wanna buy them but books are so expensive~~~ Mind you, 35 bucks(around there la..) is alot to me, especially now that I'm in college.. Sigh.

Books I wanna get;:

By Raymond E Feist:
Daughter of the Empire (With Janny Wurts)

By Janny Wurts:
Peril's Gate
Traitor's Knot
Stormed Fortress

and every single DrangonLance book except for
Dragons of Autumn Twilight
Dragons of Winter Night
Dragons of Spring Dawning
Soulforge (already have them)

short stories or the source books. (not worth getting, I think)

And those are only the fantasy books that I want. There are still the historical fiction, horror and I-donno-what-genre-they-fall-under books. Ishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

And I'll ghave a whole month of free time to after my exams somore.

Anyone's dad or mom owns a second hand bookstore r? Sell me the books cheap cheap can?

I can;t wait til march. anyone who asks me what I want will get a monosylable (correct ar?) answer: BOOKS (no romance or textbooks or chic lit please)

I actually have a classmate who's as big a bookworm (if not bigger) as me but the problem is, we read books which each other don't like. Sigh,. At least she has the money to buy her books. I;m stuck trying to find my books in the librrary. (A sure fail plan in Gov libraries. The most they have would be 5 books. Grrrr)

For Mabel

I got tagged. Again. Sien la weh.But one more useless post la..hehe..

5 things I want to do after my final exam

1.bitching Beaching in Pangkor
2. Paintballing
3. Shopping
4.Deco shopping for Fi's room
5.Study. (I don't want to do it, but I have to.)

5 persons or things that I miss the most...

1. My friends
2. Shopping
3. Majorly fun parties
4. the ability to watch 8 hours of anime non stop
5. dancing

5 crazy stuff I want to do during my coming semester break..

1. I doubt
2. I can get
3. crazier
4. than
5. normal

5 happenings during the weekend...

1. Nothing
2. but
3. studies
4. (but this weekend my cousin's getting married)
5. (I love the dresses my mom designed!!)

5 most wanted things on my pc list...

1. Top of the line:
2. CPU (grafics card and everything la duh)
3. 20 inch flat screen
4. Microsoft keyboard
5. mike and cam

5 leng zhai-s/leng lui-s that I have met so far in my college...(randomness)

1. The guy with the cool hair
2. The guy who looks good only in a pair of shades
3. my ex crush
4. err, Gordo? lol, that's Vee's, not mine.
5. not much eye candy in TCSJ

5 things I hate about exams...

1. Cramming before it starts
2. stress stress stress giler
3. not understanding the question
4. forgetting something that I knew how to do before
5. silly mistakes (eg: (3)(3) = 9 6)

5 things to do if I have a car...

1. Customise, but not until so crazy la. Just so I can spot my car easily
2. Save $$ for petrol
3. Carpool
4. Save time (sien le wait for bus)
5. teensy weensy bit more freedom!

5 people i tag...

No one. Stop the disease please!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

11 more.

To appease a certain person,


Monday, October 02, 2006

DUMC fair

Very short post, need to take a bath and study. Don't expect newer posts until the 21st of November.

Went to the DUMC fair on Sunday. Hehe, luckily my sister asked me to go with her, if not I would have missed on alot of fun.

They had a number of games there and the good part is that everything's free! You play the games to collect points which you can later change to stuff they have. I saw a super cute piggie key chain that I wanted to get but sadly it was gone by the time I collected enough points.

They also had a huge inflatable slide plus the warriors-whack-each-other-safely thingy. As for the food, wahhhhhhhhhh the smells all so chun man, especially the satays and burgers. Didn't have the chance to try them though becouse they were all sold out by the time we wanted to get food.

p/s: Woohoo! My first ever article in Taylor's is out today! FIY, I'm a columnist for the Taylor's newsletter, TCLink. hehehe, I know it's just a small thing but hey it's enough to inflate my ego!
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kembaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang.