Wednesday, October 18, 2006

For Mabel

I got tagged. Again. Sien la weh.But one more useless post la..hehe..

5 things I want to do after my final exam

1.bitching Beaching in Pangkor
2. Paintballing
3. Shopping
4.Deco shopping for Fi's room
5.Study. (I don't want to do it, but I have to.)

5 persons or things that I miss the most...

1. My friends
2. Shopping
3. Majorly fun parties
4. the ability to watch 8 hours of anime non stop
5. dancing

5 crazy stuff I want to do during my coming semester break..

1. I doubt
2. I can get
3. crazier
4. than
5. normal

5 happenings during the weekend...

1. Nothing
2. but
3. studies
4. (but this weekend my cousin's getting married)
5. (I love the dresses my mom designed!!)

5 most wanted things on my pc list...

1. Top of the line:
2. CPU (grafics card and everything la duh)
3. 20 inch flat screen
4. Microsoft keyboard
5. mike and cam

5 leng zhai-s/leng lui-s that I have met so far in my college...(randomness)

1. The guy with the cool hair
2. The guy who looks good only in a pair of shades
3. my ex crush
4. err, Gordo? lol, that's Vee's, not mine.
5. not much eye candy in TCSJ

5 things I hate about exams...

1. Cramming before it starts
2. stress stress stress giler
3. not understanding the question
4. forgetting something that I knew how to do before
5. silly mistakes (eg: (3)(3) = 9 6)

5 things to do if I have a car...

1. Customise, but not until so crazy la. Just so I can spot my car easily
2. Save $$ for petrol
3. Carpool
4. Save time (sien le wait for bus)
5. teensy weensy bit more freedom!

5 people i tag...

No one. Stop the disease please!!


At 20 October, 2006 23:03 , Blogger Amilyn said...

is there paintballing in malaysia? WHOOOOo let's go together. im gonna be there from 2nd dec onwards, let's get vee to introduce us, then we go paintballing! =D


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